#MondayManicure Gel Nails & Minx Mix


Just had to share with you beautiful lot the results of me playing and pampering a lot yesterday, this is my Manicure Monday! I love it I keep looking at my super bright shiny nails and smiling!

So these are OPI Gelcolor Nails mixed with Minx both a professional only product, I’m fortunate to have trained I’m both. The gel colours are Pink Flamenco and I Carol About You and the Minx is Gotcha designed by nail artist Limit Kyees, it’s one of my absolute Favs!!


What do you think? what nails you rocking this Monday gorgeous?


Monday Motivation a chance to Thank Everyone for their Kindness.

Morning Beautiful people,
Yesterday was a shit day!! I went into my beauty room and found that over £500 of my equipment had been stolen, it really does suck for so many reasons;  Firstly gel Nails is my main business especially this time of year, secondly I’m just me a little sole trader trying to do the best I can, it’s a really rotten feeling made worse by the fact I’m likely to know who done it, you don’t expect anything like this, I’m not covered on my insurance because of the fact I trusted the community within the studio and I stupidly didn’t have a lock on the door within the building and so I am pretty much screwed.


If you are in the kent area and offered one of these lamps please message me o have my original box and serial number.

I know somewhere there is a lesson in all this and I’m trying my best to stop crying and get on with learning the lesson, the one I have seen so far is how many amazing people I have around me that have been so kind, supportive and kept me strong when I just felt like this was the cherry on top of a big shit cake of a month! And so that’s where today’s motivation comes from, be kind this week to everyone you can, people’s small acts of kindness for me yesterday made a world of difference to my feelings today. If any of them are reading this, Thank You.



Monday Morning Motivation, It’s a Start.

Morning gorgeous people
I’m finding motivation hard this morning, I’m trying to juggle lots my boys need something  constantly even if it’s just the eldest announcing his going to the toilet, the baby needing to launch something at me or the man coming in to moan about something, they don’t need me for any fun stuff this morning! Then there is the housework a mammoth task I’m choosing to bury my head in the washing pile and ignore!  Mix that in with a whole lotta work and plans finding motivation can be tough especially when you don’t know where to start, which is why I thought this was perfect  & may help inspire someone else who isn’t feeling as driven and focused this Monday morning.


Whatever your doing have a fabulous one, Id Love to know what keeps you going and motivates you on days like this!

Monday MORNING Motivation

Haha check me actually getting this post out in the morning ready for the day ahead! Amazing what you can get done when the clocks change at the kids have you up at 4.30!!


My eldest is heading out on the first day of his half term for a trip to London with his amazing Nanny, they are off to see the crown jewels and the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red Poppy display, I know he will learn so much their today and i have made him pack lots of extra tissues as my mum finds stuff like this overwhelming and very emotional, bless her cottons.

I meanwhile I will be kicking back… Yeah right I have counselling this morning then going to take the day as it’s comes and not put tons of pressure on myself, I have lots to do but I’ll get it all done as needed. I have some writing to complete, some projects to launch and a beautiful baby to squish lots. What you got planned today beautiful people?  Have you got a motivational quote that’s your inspiration for the day or week ahead?

Monday Manicure & My New Birchbox Manithon Tee

Morning! My manicure today was done the other day as Birchbox sent me this fab Models Own Hyper Gel Polish and I just couldn’t wait to try it, they also sent me a fab Birchbox Manithon Tee which I can’t wait to wear to the event in London this Friday.


The Models Own Polish in Turquoise Gloss glides on beautifully with a strong colour straight away and no bubbling, it’s nice to apply and I love the finished result.
I combined it with The Nails Inc Kensington Passage a gorgeous bright coral to make it really pop, I recieved that from Grazia Daily as part of my Monday Manicure prize.
I also reverse painted the underside of my tips to make my nails really eye catching.

Now more about Friday…
I will be getting a manicure from someone else wooohoooo! It’s a rarity I know but it’s also for an amazing cause.


Birchbox are hosting a Manithon in association with Models Own, in London Soho Square. They have the gorgeous Sarah Jane Crawford who I love listening to on 1xtra and is now the face of the xtra factor, plus she retweeted my bright red lips last week, I’m actually a bit excited!  I met her before at a boxing fight but I’m feeling confident enough to actually say hello and introduce myself if I meet her this time haha! Pretty nails crossed!

Coppafeel the breast cancer awareness charity will be receiving 100% of the proceeds from all the appointments and all the t-shirts sold! Now if that doesn’t give you reason to take time out of your day Friday I don’t know what will book your appointment here, but if you can’t make it order a fab tee like mine designed by renowned fashion illustrator Sally Faye Cotterell it’s limited edition too amd only £12 buy yours now

BANK Holiday Make Up…FOTD

I’m posting this early because I have been nominated to take part in the ice bucket challenge (thanks Ben) and I figured I wanted to show you the make up before it smudges…


Do you like my scary before face haha!! It’s that early I can’t even remember what products I used, ermmm..

Foundation Dior Forever 200
Bronzer Arbonne
Cheeks InStain Swiss Dot
Eyeshadows Dior 2 colour palette in
Eyeliner Lord & Berry black pencil Eyeliner
Mascara Arbonne It’s A Long Story
Lipstick Dior

I’ll be sure to post some Monday  Motivation, a Monday Manicure and my ice bucket video up later on and a pic of how my make up lasted through it!


Motivational Mondays Leading the Way

Okay so this Monday I’m focusing on how we inspire others, I spent last week housebound because my 6 year old had chicken pox. I did suffer a bit of cabin fever but overall enjoyed the time I got to spend with my boys and I noticed how much what I do inspires my eldest, Finley.

I have been planning how I will return to work and some new ventures I will be taking part in, its meant some time while the baby was snoozing working away in the sunshine at the table in the conservatory and it made me smile how much my son wanted to be sat colouring in or working away next to me. You see Finley doesn’t like writing or colouring much and his fine motor skills are below what’s expected in school, but what I love is when you spark a passion or interest in Finley he will try his hardest to draw or write about it.

We don’t just influence the young around us, this last week I have noticed how my business and what I do inspires others including people older than me, this makes me feel fabulous its great to spark off someone else’s passion. So this week thinks about your actions and how you may be inspiring those around you without even knowing it or intending to. Try and keep your thoughts and actions positive and have a fabulous week.


Monday Motivation it’s been a while …

I have good reason for having not blogged for a while, and it’s definitely been a motivation and inspiration for me, I welcomed to the word our second beautiful boy, Freddie.


Being a mum all over again and watching my eldest son become a big brother has been simply beautiful. We have been watching videos by a truly inspirational, funny and happy kid called Kid President, and I think the best and most appropriate motivation I can share with you today is his video Kid Presidents’s letter to a person on their first day here being emotional & a new mummy it had me smiling & crying at the same time!

Now on maternity leave, when the baby is sleeping & my eldest is at school I plan to get in some time for writing I miss sharing Monday Motivation and beauty stuff with you guys. I’m looking forward for what’s to come & sharing it with you all. Have a fab week



Morning!! Okay guys after last weeks honesty in finding motivation through life’s everyday challenges (you can read it here) my motivation this week comes quite easily because this is the week my second baby is due!!!

Of course I’m nervous but the thought that we are going to have a beautiful new addition in our family and our love and happiness is going to grow is so ridiculously exciting! And whilst I don’t expect you all to find motivation in my bumps arrival I did do some photos this weekend with my bump and the assistance of my gorgeous mum & little boy that I think will make everyone smile so decided to use it to share a smile today!

Hope you all have a simply amazing week, and ill keep you updated with any news!! 🙂


Keeping Motivated & Finding Time

I am not pretending that staying motivated is easy, far from it in fact last week I spent two days throwing myself a pity party watching films & kids tv on my sofa. I felt frustrated with myself and that I wasn’t getting stuff done but I also knew that if I attempted to do it the results would not be my best and done to the standard that I set myself.

I’m currently sat in the hospital waiting room writing my blog whilst most people around me are watching tv or reading magazines, I’m making the most of my spare time.

I have already done all the child & school stuff this morning, been into the beauty room, been to the bank, had a cup of tea and breakfast with my mum made lots of phone calls sorting appointments and my diary for the week ahead as well as any other menial tasks like loading the washing machine & hoovering indoors and its only 10.30! Not bad going, which is why I wanted to share this blog with you, last week I had two days of excuses this week I have no intention of letting that happen.

So from me, a 28 week pregnant (and suffering morning sickness and all the other delights still) Mumpreneur who is currently working her butt off playing mummy, running my businesses (plural!) balancing it all and staying motivated it is achievable it just takes some practise, some balance & organisation and even a couple of lazy days for you to re-focus and evaluate.

Don’t loose sight of the finish line & end goal stay on the path to success without the excuses. Most of all enjoy it, have a fabulous week