Keeping Motivated & Finding Time

I am not pretending that staying motivated is easy, far from it in fact last week I spent two days throwing myself a pity party watching films & kids tv on my sofa. I felt frustrated with myself and that I wasn’t getting stuff done but I also knew that if I attempted to do it the results would not be my best and done to the standard that I set myself.

I’m currently sat in the hospital waiting room writing my blog whilst most people around me are watching tv or reading magazines, I’m making the most of my spare time.

I have already done all the child & school stuff this morning, been into the beauty room, been to the bank, had a cup of tea and breakfast with my mum made lots of phone calls sorting appointments and my diary for the week ahead as well as any other menial tasks like loading the washing machine & hoovering indoors and its only 10.30! Not bad going, which is why I wanted to share this blog with you, last week I had two days of excuses this week I have no intention of letting that happen.

So from me, a 28 week pregnant (and suffering morning sickness and all the other delights still) Mumpreneur who is currently working her butt off playing mummy, running my businesses (plural!) balancing it all and staying motivated it is achievable it just takes some practise, some balance & organisation and even a couple of lazy days for you to re-focus and evaluate.

Don’t loose sight of the finish line & end goal stay on the path to success without the excuses. Most of all enjoy it, have a fabulous week




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