Day 4 Smile Challenge … Today has been just that a Challenge!

Sorry, I skived off yesterday did my smile challenge before going to bed but found myself smiling lots throughout the day anyway and I got to spend a few hours with my little man and the dog, we went to the local prom and had chips by the river, he played on the pebbles and then scooted through the park to the ramp where I sat and watched him, he makes me so proud, and the puppy was really well behaved too considering there was so many people.

Day 4 hasn’t been so easy, with life’s usual ups and downs smiling can be hard sometimes and it can be tough to keep your chin up when all you’re met with is challenges. I think I take this hard as I try to put on a brave face for too long when really I need to release and let go!

I have managed to do the challenge but found it hard today and stopped early because I was a bit blue and feeling quite judgmental of my appearance and my mood. Instead I used the time to go on ted and find some inspiration & motivation so today I share with you two videos;

The first One is relevant to the challenge and talks all about smiling I loved this is made me both smile and laugh and get myself into a better mood! Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling

The second from a woman who inspires me with her story, her courage and determination. Amy Purdy make me think of the saying “turn that frown upside down!” because when she is met with challenges she knocks them in all directions, someone who believes imaginations are endless and nothing is impossible to get motivated, inspired and make your heart melt a little with her passion watch this Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits

Happy thoughts, night night.

p.s Little man goes back to school tomorrow means I get extra me time between bookings may get to even get in a little meditation along with my smile challenge! #RoutineIsBack


Planning a ladies indulgence evening, lucky I work from stress

Well not stress just call it pressure, I like working like this and whilst I’m excited about the upcoming event in under 3 weeks now is also the point in which my nerves kick in.

Tommorow I’ll be putting up posters locally and trying to spread the word to local shops etc as much as I can, I also be ringing all of the 30plus stalls involved to get attempt to get them all together for a pre meet the week before. That’s what I love about my events; all the companies that are exhibiting are small businesses, working mums, sole traders, and small boutiques that when you put us in a room with tea or wine (depending on the time of day) not only do we brainstorm some fabulous business ideas but we also learn ways we can work together and support each other.

I’ll be working through my lists of stalls, local shops to put posters up, putting together a ticket list that I’ll be delivering by the end of the week and thinking of ways to make the event unique or special.

I always feel with any business it is important to share with people your reasoning, your why, well here is my reason I love to host these luxurious indulgence events

“as a beauty therapist I was attending a lot of fabulous pamper evening at schools, the businesses involved were always fairly unique, the mums showed up in clusters of playground mafia in support and my services and items were always very popular. There was one thing that I always noticed though, the women attending were only ever directly involved either through children or job role to the school. Locals didn’t turn up, people didn’t randomly come along, I can only presume this was through fear of being noticed as an outcast from any playground “click”.
So I decided to do something about this, I wanted events any woman could invite her whole group of friends along to, a real girls night out without the “night out out” price tag (anyone who has seen Micky Flannagan will know what out out means if not you should so go on YouTube now!)
I set out a plan, I found venues, I put on fabulous nights. Each night I got feedback from stalls and attendees and this only inspired me to go further as word spreads, I’m able to help support more businesses in local areas, I’m able to give more women an affordable, luxurious, pampering night out filed with all the things we love beauty, clothes, Jewllery, stylists, sweets, home items and so much more”

Writing my why for you all has made me smile and once again very excited about the upcoming event, I look forward to sharing photos and blogging all about it for you.

For now though readers I need your help!!!
Post a comment below and help me find fantabulous items that are affordable so I can fill 100 goody bags for the event, I can only afford to do these through local businesses sponsoring so try to think luxury on a budget for me.


Day 2 of the 30 day smile challenge & a boot fair in British weather!

Well today I have laughed smiled and giggled a LOT! But I guess I’m also fortunate that I keep very good company who make smiling easy, even when you have to get up at 6am on a Sunday!

I done a boot fair with one of my best friends Chloe, for anyone who has done a boot fair I think to put it simply: its a shit task! But if I want to add to the savings it’s gotta be done, I got dreams I wanna pay for!

So off we went in the transit kindly lent to us by Chlos daddy and we turned it into a mobile disco at 6.30 lol we danced and laughed and it got us ready for the slog ahead. Loading & unloading, bartering with people who want to pay less than 50p for designer items, hugging cups of tea through the typical British rain (even though weather man said it would just be cloudy!!!) and what also helped get me through was thinking “just smile”. Smiling made me realise I’m doing what I set out to do, I’m making money and quite often when I wouldn’t drop to peoples ridiculous 20p offers someone would come along and pay the £2 I was asking.

So once again today the smile challenge has been fun, (i have only done 10min so far in mirror but make a conscious effort to share it with others too!) and even though it’s only the afternoon I have already got lots done including making £80 after costs at a rainy boot fair.

Like I said it does help having people around to make you smile ….



Ooohhhhh we got a surprise coming for you!

Just a little teaser for now but after an exciting phone conversation today, a fabulous offer to be launched at the next event will be one fan-fooking-tabulous offer from Sweet Cheeks Beauty & the queen of fashion, celebrity stylist Trayc Randall at Style Me Image Stylist.

We have a model make over using our new package next week! Will have a special preview right here before we launch the official package info at the next Sweet Cheeks Event on September 20th!


Proud Mummy Moment .. My little man can ride his motorbike

I’m already a super proud Mummy of Finley, my very extreme little boy. We already have video footage of a large crash off his push bike (without stabilsisres) after convinicing us he could go down a very large hill! And this summer he has already made me super proud, his rode a BMX track, dropped in on his scooter and done jumps at the skate ramp. But last weekend he rode his motorbike by HIMSELF .. you may be asking why this is such a huge achievement well there are a number of reasons firstly and the main reason is because my son is only 5 and already he has achieved so much and has an interest in sports that are not largely available to his age group or even older age groups in the uk. But with thanks to magazines like dirt bike rider (he was published in this as a baby at the motocross track!) channels like extreme (a must along with the kids channels) meeting people like Chris Birch, Jamie Squibb (as he wants to do freestyle and already knows all the tricks) watching nitro circus, we are lucky we can show him and give him the opportunity to try these sports.

Some people think I’m crazy and don’t get me wrong of course it can be scary but as a positive thinker I believe we install fear in our kids and I want Finley to never be scared and to always believe anything is possible 🙂

When you ask Finley what he wants to be when he grows up he will answer with two possibilities
1. A Super Hero
2. Travis Pastrana
Like I keep telling him, anything is possible 🙂


Age 2-3 practising tricks in the garden

Skateboard Dude

3rd birthday practising with stabilisers on ramp


Age 3 and a bit Riding at the Track with Daddy x

Age 4 Riding the Peewee @ the Track with his Godfather



Showing them how it’s done at the skate ramp age 5 few weeks ago 🙂


Riding PeeWee with Daddy age 5

Riding by himself for the first time on his motorbike 26.08.2012 age 5!

Falling by himself first time 26.08.2012 age 5


More to come soon …. Watch this Space 🙂

My New Challenge … It’s making a difference already!

Okay so Facebook and the way it continually changes has turned out to be a bonus for me. One of my friends liked a post in an event and with that the title got me hooked, always looking for ways to make me feel happier I clicked on Hailies 30 Days of Smiles challenge 🙂 it is a simply fabulous and fun idea. Something that I am now taking part in.

Day 1
As silly as this may sound it’s making a difference already, I find myself smiling at the simplest of things and even today carrying out tasks that normally I would find a chore, I just smiled and got on with them. I was friendly and smiled at strangers too, it’s an amazing feeling to see that smile spread to someone else. So I ask you all to click on the link above and take part, I’ll be sharing on he little snipers of my cheesy grins and things through my day that make me smile too! It’s the little things that make a difference and we don’t realise how many little things are around us to be greatful for! it has also made me laugh at things more and not take things so seriously as well as think I’m a bit of a comedian, I have had random acts of acting like a kid….I LOVE IT!

I also had a really productive day I put that down to the smiles too.