Monday Morning Motivation, It’s a Start.

Morning gorgeous people
I’m finding motivation hard this morning, I’m trying to juggle lots my boys need something  constantly even if it’s just the eldest announcing his going to the toilet, the baby needing to launch something at me or the man coming in to moan about something, they don’t need me for any fun stuff this morning! Then there is the housework a mammoth task I’m choosing to bury my head in the washing pile and ignore!  Mix that in with a whole lotta work and plans finding motivation can be tough especially when you don’t know where to start, which is why I thought this was perfect  & may help inspire someone else who isn’t feeling as driven and focused this Monday morning.


Whatever your doing have a fabulous one, Id Love to know what keeps you going and motivates you on days like this!


Monday MORNING Motivation

Haha check me actually getting this post out in the morning ready for the day ahead! Amazing what you can get done when the clocks change at the kids have you up at 4.30!!


My eldest is heading out on the first day of his half term for a trip to London with his amazing Nanny, they are off to see the crown jewels and the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red Poppy display, I know he will learn so much their today and i have made him pack lots of extra tissues as my mum finds stuff like this overwhelming and very emotional, bless her cottons.

I meanwhile I will be kicking back… Yeah right I have counselling this morning then going to take the day as it’s comes and not put tons of pressure on myself, I have lots to do but I’ll get it all done as needed. I have some writing to complete, some projects to launch and a beautiful baby to squish lots. What you got planned today beautiful people?  Have you got a motivational quote that’s your inspiration for the day or week ahead?

Monday Morning Motivation staying in listening to St Jude

I’m writing this from my bed, you know there really is a lot you can get done here! I’m listening to the winds of St Jude the storm that hit us in the early hours of this morning crash into my house and up the side it sounds amazing and whilst I know the damage in some areas I’m embracing what it is giving me.

Because I’m not a fan of the cold, and I don’t fancy being swept away me and Finley are spending the first official day of half term indoors we will read, draw, play games and have fun and we may even make some more treats in the kitchen! I of course will also manage to squeeze in some work I have blogs to catch up on, some bits to promote for Sweet Cheeks Beauty and some flyers to order.

But for now some wind inspired inspiration to get your week off to a storming start …

Photo courtesy of threadneck. Thank you.

I hope you have an amazing week do keep me posted on all you’re up to


Monday Morning Motivation

I have a quiet week ahead in the beauty room with lots of appointment spaces I’m sure I will fill but if I don’t its ok, because I have lots of preparation and work to be doing behind the scenes at Sweet Cheeks Beauty
I have lots of social media activity I need to plan, a web designer I need to speak to and Christmas appointment schedules I need to work out and put up as well as promote the start to my Christmas Coffee Mornings starting this Saturday at the studio.

So some Monday morning motivation to get us through the week I love this

Be sure to enjoy the journey whilst we all work so hard to achieve dreams, it is all part of the fun and the leaning curve 😉
This picture is courtesy of The Student Wellness Project, a student-led movement for Columbia University and Barnard College.

Happy Monday here’s hoping you all have a fabulous week, let me know what you’ve got planned in the comments below