Arbonne Make Overs

    So what happens when you get me, a massive Arbonne Make-Up Kit & lots of models with a camera over a weekend …. A fab make over photo shoot. I had so much fun making over the models I just had to share with you my results, on each of the pictures details of the products used have been given, if they are not on the photo they are detailed underneath. Arbonne is a direct selling company in the growing health & wellness industry and a company I have chosen to work with through my work Sweet Cheeks Beauty if you would like more information, to try products, or find out more about e business opportunity please get in touch

    All of the models skin was prepped using the RE9 & FC5 Arbonne Skincare ranges, I will be posting more about these facial products and facial services very soon! None of the models are professional models, instead I used methods of table surfing (me standing on the table making the whole thing rock), stupid faces and general foolish behaviour just to make the girls laugh, loosen up and to capture the most natural beauty I could.

    First up we have Trayc. Trayc is an Image Stylist you can check out her website here, so I had the extra advantage of Trayc knowing exactly what shades and hues complemented her natural skin tone as a “Spring” I had the disadvantage however of Trayc not enjoying having her picture taken and not often liking her photo, this was my first challenge of the day.
    Here is The review Trayc sent me after, I love reading reviews they remind me why I’m passionate about what I do; (you can read the full review on my website)

    Stefani worked her magic on my face, I don’t usually wear a lot of make-up as I don’t have the guts to and worry that I’m going to look like a 3 year old who who has got hold of her mummies make up bag, so I was really thrilled to look as good as I did. I felt for the first time in a long time that my skin was flawless and I loved my eye make up.
    I was going to a function in the evening so was able to keep my make-up on for this, my make-up was applied at 11am & I didn’t have to do any touch ups for the evening except for lipgloss.
    Just want to say Thank you to Stefani for my Arbonne Make over, I loved every minute of it!
    Love Trayc. xxx

    The products I used on Trayc were all from the Arbonne kit & include;
    MakeUp Primer. Perfecting Liquid Foundation Honey Beige. Blush Merlot.
    Eyeshadow highlighter: Snow Eyeshadows: Ocean, Titanium & Blue Slate.
    Eyeliner liquid black with blue slate over top. False lashes blended with triple action mascara.
    Lip Moisturiser. Lip liner: ginger. Lipstick: Satin. Lipgloss: Nude


    Next up we have Clare out for a Vegas themed event that night, we were making Clare up as Marilyn Monroe, one of my idols SOOO beautiful, just like my lovely model!

    The products from the kit I used included;
    MakeUp Primer. Perfecting Liquid Foundation, Buff. Creme Conceler Light. Blush, Soft touch of Blossom. Eyeshadows: Linen, Suede & Java. Liquid eyeliner Black.
    Triple Action Mascara to blend false lashes
    Lip moisturiser. Lipliner; Cherry. Lipstick; Runway Rouge.
    Added Marilyn touch of brown mole using cocoa eyeliner.


    My next beautiful model was Kaleigh easy to work with and a beauty behind the camera, Kaleighs beautiful skin was an easy canvas to work from.

    This time I used products from the kit including;
    MakeUp Primer. Concealer, light. Tinted Moisturiser Light. Bronzer. Blush, Ballet.
    Eyeshadows; Vanilla, Linen & Java. Eyeliner; cocoa. Triple Action Mascara.
    Lip Moisturiser. Lip Liner, Pink Mauve. LipStick; Rose Petal. Lipgloss; Posh.


    Kaleigh was followed by Hannah and Kerrie, I already had a plan in mind for both these gorgeous girls, I wanted to create a soft delicate look for Hannah using soft links and gentle browns whilst with kerrie I wanted string green eyes to accentuate the big brown eyes she has.

    On Hannah the products I used can be seen in the picture.
    On Kerrie I used;
    MakeUp Primer. Tinted Moisturiser Light. Concealer medium. Bronzer.
    Eyeshadows linen (highlighter) moss, ivy & titanium. Ivy as liner. Triple action Mascara.
    Lip Moisturiser. Lipliner; Ginger. Lipstick; Satin. Lipgloss; Nude.



    My friend Christie popped in and wanted me to try the kit on her as she often reacts with products, but knew I have chosen to work with a completely safe, natural and botanical product in Arbonne. So with that in mind and just wanting to try something light we created a soft natural look using
    MakeUp Primer. Creme Concealer, light. Tinted Moisturiser, light. Bronzer. Blush, taffeta.
    Eyeshadows; Linen, Indigo & Chocolate. Triple Action Mascara.
    Lip Moisturiser. LipLiner; pink mauve. Lipstick; Candy.


    My mum also volunteered we had time to try a couple of looks with her and really try different things with the make up some really suited her and others not so much, but for someone Whois used to being the other side of the camera my mummy looks pretty beautiful xoxo

    From the Arbonne kit I created a strong daytime look and soft and subtle, sophisticated evening look. The only changes were the eyes and lips;
    Make up Primer. Creme Concealer (light). Sheer Finish Tinted Moisturiser (light). Blush (dusty rose)
    Eyeshadows: Linen, Lilac & Divine Plum for the evening adding a blend of; Titanium
    Triple Action Mascara
    Lip Moisturiser with Sunscreen. Lip Liner; Rum Raisin. Lipstick in Jam evening look softened with touch of gloss in Posh to lighten lips & accentuate.




    Chloe wanted to try something more out there and we created large smoky eyes to go with her goddess look and long thick soft curls using;
    MakeUp Primer. Concealer, Medium. Perfecting Liquid Foundation, Neutral Beige. Bronzer. Blusher; sunset to apples of cheeks.
    Eyeshadows;Java & Chocolate. Eyeliner; liquid brown & chocolate eyeshadow. Triple Action Mascara.
    Lip Moisturiser. LipLiner Pink Mauve. Lipstick Shell. Lipgloss; Nude.


    I know I could of broken these into lots of different blogs but thought I would share them with you all at once, obviously I am an indecent distributor for Arbonne but I choose to work with brands I believe in, if you would like to know more about the Arbonne opportunity or how to order products please email me at

    To find out more about booking make overs, photo shoots or complete make over packages please contract me on

    Leave your comments & feedback below, lots more posts coming soon