A WEEK TO GO Sweet Cheeks October Pamper & Shop IM EXCITED!!!

Just a week until the next event I start to get that butterfly feeling, I used to think it was nerves and fear but I’ve decided now to embrace it as excitement! Simply because when I worry it always turns out I was worrying for no reason and they end up being totally awesome, amazing evenings.

The nights are filled with traders I love to support and work alongside and include such a diverse list of therapists and stalls to shop! Some of the stalls you can browse include children’s clothes to ladies clothes, accessories, jewellery & handbags, home ware, handmade gifts, cards, teddies & plaques, candles & warmers, chocolates & cakes, beauty products, health & fitness. Then the therapists offer treatments at discounted rates that include hot stones, massage, reiki, Indian head massage, reflexology, gel nails, mini manicures, brow waxing and much more. Plus they are all really generous with their affle prizes, next week we are raising money for DGS Mind, click here to read my blog on why!

The gorgeous people attending help make the atmosphere, everyone is so chatty and friendly amongst themselves and with traders, and they all continue to return and bring friends, I’m so grateful they are all so supportive of the events.

With each one they get bigger, the stalls, the amount of people attending, the treatments, the prizes, the gifts! Ahh it’s crazy fun I’d love for you to share with someone local to Gravesend who would love an event like this, and if you can come BRILLIANT! The feedback from the last event was superb but I aim to get better every time.

For more info click the image below to be taken to the Sweet Cheeks Beauty Facebook page, click on the events tab and voila!




My first Pole Fitness lesson and all the reasons I loved it…

Ok so you may or may not know my gorgeous Sweet Cheeks beauty room is located within Athena Fitness. A gorgeous tall, naturally lit studio that teaches Pole & Aerial Fitness. I watch these girls in absolute awe as I work away and have been itching to take part for ages, but what with pregnancy, work commitments and time, I haven’t had the opportunity to sign up for a course …until today!!

I’m fortunate to be a skinny cow and so I worry a lot about what fitness I do so as not to look like skeletor! I really do concentrate on things that provide me with some time out, work on my core strength, whilst working on all my body and that make me feel positive in myself. Pole does all of that and more. It not only guides us as women to look and feel a little bit sexy about ourselves but it has tons of health benefits too, many of which I didn’t even realise until I started searching the web, they include burning lots of calories, deminishes stress levels, feel more motivated, more flexible and limber, its good for your heart and blood flow and fab for kinaesthetic awareness, balance and centre of gravity (which in the long run could help make me less clumsy!!)

So Faye the owner of Athena Fitness has been training for 8 years and teaching for 7, she knows her stuff and demonstrates each move with calm and clear instruction, as she moves in a fluid like motion around the pole. Today there is me and 5 other ladies working through a selection of moves that all have pretty cool names, although I’m pretty sure I won’t remember them by next week. I know I learnt a lot of spins including the basics, fireman and attitude, a hook spin that went backwards I couldn’t quite master that, and some pretty spins including a frog & kiss (hehe that last bit sounds like a fairy tale!) Faye also made us have a go of climbing the poles (the ones in the studio are pretty epic, full competition poles that reach the very high ceiling!) and that’s when I snapped my first #AthenaPoleSelfie although I couldn’t grip with my thighs and failed miserably attempting the crucifix move that involved NO HANDS!


I’m buzzing from today’s class, I didn’t feel an idiot even when I couldn’t do bits, the other girls there all of different levels were so supportive and Faye on hand to advise me of the easiest and least painful ways of accomplishing each move. I honestly can’t wait for next week, maybe ill do you all a little update at the end of my course.

If you are reading this because you are thinking of trying pole, or coming down to Athena, do it! I promise you won’t regret it, I’m hugely conscious of my size (everyone feels comfortable digging out a skinny person) and today it didn’t even matter! I haven’t stopped smiling, I feel stretched, I’m pushing my body to be its best, I’m comfortable in me and it just makes me feel happy, whatever your size pole can make you feel fabulous and not more so then with the delightful teachers and members of Athena Fitness.

Catching up with Faye after I asked her what she loved most and what surprises people most about the sport? Her reply was “I love to see people fall in love with it, the pride when they master a move they have been working on for so long is always so rewarding for me as an instructor and I think what surprises people most is how much they like it, the confidence they gain on a personal level and how addictive it becomes.”

Keep up to date with Athena Fitness, free taster days they hold, demos, videos, pics plus all the amazing membership and packages through their website, Facebook Page and if Faye ever finds the log in details Twitter! Hehe

The next lot if courses start mid November why not come join in?



Day One of September ShoutOuts my official photographer Carla Guest Photography

Ahhh it makes me excited that Carla Guest Photography is the first business I’m sharing with you guys! We go way back, her darling sister Natasha took me under her wing on the first day of primary school and we have all sure come a long way since then and I still love both girls dearly over 20 years later!

Carla is the official photographer at all of my events, including the Sweet Cheeks Birthday Relaunch in June.









As well as having had the joy of snapping my crazy family



and me half naked in one kinda amazeballs sexy kickass boudoir shoot (yeah I’m big headed the way she made me look and feel I got every right to be haha!!)


That’s one of the best bits about her, her calming nature, her friendliness and her total understanding of the job in hand. Thats without ignoring the fact no matter what the job she puts all her passion and knowledge into captivating it in the best possible way.

Thats all before the finished results, her photos give me goosebumps, the way she captures a moment is mesmerising, totally natural and enlightening. I really do adore them and I would love for you to check out some more of Carlas work, so here are all her details.




Passion Never Fails, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be Tough Times

I just wanted to share this with you guys quickly. Totally random and not my usual type of blog, but after talking to various people this week it’s something I felt compelled to share.

I have been in the beauty industry eleven years and so far it’s been a rollercoaster.  I’ve have worked for high end counters, at some amazing London events, alongside internationally recognised make up artists, worked in Europe, worked with all ages from little princesses, beautiful brides, models, a total mixture of clients. I have opened my own beauty room, attended events, hosted events, been recognised for my work, written for Kent Women In Business Magazine (last 3 issues!!), and so much more!!! There is so much to love about it both what I have achieved so far and what I’m building upon right now!!!

It doesn’t mean this has been easy I share the fab stuff because it makes me happy but without telling a story and getting all down there are times its been so hard.  It has been so challenging, stuff I haven’t known, techy shit I had to learn, marketing that didn’t work, times I’ve seen competition doing something better than me or that I want to do, snow when I was opening doors to an event, times I’ve cried, times my boys have needed me more than work, times my eldest makes me so guilty for doing work, times I feel like I have no life, bad stuff that happens out of your control, those mornings I can’t get out of bed and oh so many times I was just going to quit and say F it all..But I never did and probably never will it’s my passion, my industry, my profession, my joy, my job!

SO YOU READING THIS my purpose of this is to help. To help anyone starting out, or anyone been trying to crack it for what seems like forever please whatever it is if it’s your passion don’t give up because when you see the true extent of what you can achieve its pretty amazing!! Bookmark this and when your day isn’t going to plan remember your passion will keep you going and if you know someone struggling share it with them.


That got a bit heavy didn’t it! I just felt really strongly that I could of done with hearing that when I doubted where I was heading, this week’s been amazing. I know I’ve been quiet with the blog but I have been in meetings with some omg awesome people, enjoying lunches and manicures (yeah check me getting pampered) and also planning some pretty amazeballs events I’m working on the blogs about those right now. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and they can help someone xoxo

Ahhhh guys where have i been ….

Done it again didnt i, got into a really good routine and system with my blogging then like that i have a week of shit and it stops! i find it so frustrating I love blogging, I love how I get to play and write and share so much of what I love. Don’t think i have been skiving for no reason though life got busy & at times a bit turbulent but hey it wouldn’t be my life if i didn’t have a daily wobbler and ride the emotional roller coaster out! Anyways just to fill you in on some of what i have been up to …

Two Weddings…I got to be bridesmaid for one of my lifetime besties and it was the most beautiful thing to be part of, i have to say Fran is normally like me works amazingly by having a little flap and then we continue, bearing in mind i work with brides doing make up, never in my life have i ever come across one so calm, it was amazing. When i asked her why she just looked at me so happy and content and said “I know everything’s sorted now, anything that isn’t doesn’t matter, i just want to enjoy it all” that brides to be is the best bridal advice i ever heard in my life!!
And look at her, just seeing her ready made me cry, most gorgeous bride!

The following day another wedding another gorgeous bride and special friend, although in fairness our friendship is purely based on us abusing each other it works fabulously and i have a huge soft spot for her beautiful kids! i also road a rodeo bull in a playsuit … for the record even pullling the trousers up to get grip … i was shit, it felt about 50 seconds realistically was probably 10, there was a 12 year old girl who stayed on over a minute. i mean seriously!!

Then i have the summer hols to contend with for the eldest, trying to make sure I’m doing enough with him and his having fun, we have been to various fundays, we have held creepy crawlies, his done rock climbing took part in an amazing local football camp, which he loves especially the water fight on the last day, his played with friends, downloaded new apps (subsequently killing his ipad) his had friends over to play and been round to them.

Meanwhile his little bro has started rolling everywhere so i now cant look away for a second and his contiued with his usual dribbles, feeds, sick, shit , haha actually that reminds me i got to share with you guys just to show exactly how bad i get some days and that im totally human, although i done quite well to sort of laugh at myself and cry all at once, this is my facebook status from last thursday:

What I find more entertaining is the loving support I get from my friends….
“I actually just pissed my self laughing ha ha sorry Stef but that is quite funny! Love you x”
“What doesn’t kill you and all that LOL X”
” I’m not laughing (much)! Chin up sounds like it can only get better ”
They all made me smile on their own ways haha.

Oh yeah important news, I also booked my next indulgence events, for those of you who don’t know thats all part of my company and job, I host exclusive and indulgent pamper evenings and get to work with and exhibit around 30 other local businesses and traders, I’ll share more details all about the plans for that this week.

I’ll also be sharing a sort of Face of the Week post as obviously i have been wearing make up but just not had time to share the details with you lovely lot!

Blogs to come this week:
🎀Make Up. My Face: A week of FOTD
🎀This weeks FOTD – Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thurdsay Friday
🎀Wednesday Wishlist
🎀Upcoming Events
🎀Sneak Peek Birchbox August 2014 & I’m Booked in for the Manithon
🎀First Glance GlossyBox August 2014
🎀Plus I’m going to try and sneak in some reviews of products I’m really rating at the mo.

So I’m going to update all the links above as I write each of them, so if your reading this Friday and there ain’t no links someone shout at me and tell me off lol!

Right time to get to it. Can’t wait to start updating tomorrow, as always let me know you are out there


Monday Motivation, Little Steps

Afternoon all wanting to share some inspiration and motivation with you all I found this quote from Commemtsmeme searching Google and I find it so apt at the moment.


Everything I have achieved so far running my beauty room, having my articles featured in Kent Women in business magazine, being recognised and awarded for being a mumpreneur and beauty professional through awards and even being a mum it’s all been achieved and made possible in little steps, don’t get me wrong I may be like an octopus taking 8 little steps with various projects but I’m passionate, it works!


Anyway my very little achievement in the scheme of things comes in relation to my blog, I’ve done a 100 posts and got 200 likes I know statistically it’s crap, but at the moment I’m not sure how successful I will become but these little markers remind me I’m heading the right way, it’s like a well done for something I already enjoy so much and reminds me I’m taking little steps for big achievements (hopefully, maybe one day!) 💄


Wish List Wednesday

I’m loving blogging I love researching, trying, photographing reviewing I feel so lucky to get the opportunity to do it. So I thought up another weekly blog I’m going to share with you all its the products I’ve seen on my travels that I want to add to my Mount Everest of Make Up. I’m going to share one item from each category each week just so I don’t get carried away!


So this week:
Fragrance Jimmy Choo Exotic
I love the original Jimmy Choo fragrance along with a million other people that I end up smelling like when I wear it! Would really love to try this new version a blend of
Body Nip + Fab Tummy Fix Daily About Gel
Ok so I may be a skinny bitch (it is my frame I can’t help it) but after having baby no.2 6 months ago I do yoga and kickboxing to stay in shape, I also do loads of sit ups but just have these tiny wrinkly rolls round my belly and Im not a fan! I think this product is my next must try for that reason.
Skincare the whole exquisite range of Dolce & Gabbana Skincare
I love the simplistic elegance of the packaging, I love the brand and I really really want to try, exclusively in Harrods I’ll be sure to go along and have a try
Face Chanel Vitalumiere
I had a sample and I truly miss this foundation it’s beautiful so for that reason I’d like to own it!
Bronzer Guerlain have always heard of their Bronzer being rated so would just like to know what all the fuss is about
Blusher Nars Blush Deep Throat it was a toss up between this and orgasm as both rock and are highly rated by all in the beauty industry
Eyeshadow Urban Decay Naked Palette
Another MUA fav and the looks that can be created with this palette are amazeballs! I want one! 
Mascara Dior Addict It Lash
Saw this on the back of my Marie Claire magazine, I love the way it’s designed like the rest of the Dior Addict range and the brush looks so cool.
Lips Giorgio Armani lip maestro in 300 saw this on a model in the Marie Claire magazine and now I want a holiday, a tan and this gorgeous shade of orange for my lips! 

What’s the product on top of your wish list right now? I’d love to know and take a look

Pure Indulgence & Champagne at Jo Malone for one of the Besties birthdays

So today is one of my best friend Charities birthday, she had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket so we took a trip up the road to Bluewater, we had a nice wander she spent her pennies and we created wishlists (you know for when we are like millionaires!)

We also happened to come across the most beautiful Jo Malone store that opened a few weeks ago. Needless to say we got excited just seeing the outside….


…but once you cross the threshold your taken to the epitome of luxury and indulgence. It’s a shop where not a thing is out of place it’s prestine but I feel happy and confident browsing (and touching) items, despite the array of fragrances it doesn’t hurt your nose, or make you feel overwhelmed, the staff are immaculately groomed welcoming and I haven’t even reached the details of our actual experience yet… Oh I want to live in this shop.



Not long after entering we were greeted by a bright, beautiful and bubbly consultant called Hannah. She asked us questions about our experience with the brand and once I said we were just shopping and browsing for my gorgeous girl Christies birthday she pulled out all the stops. A seat at the luxury fragrance bar where we were served champagne and given a pouch to place our jewellery (it’s the little touches)

We had both already fallen in love with the latest fragrance offering from Jo Malone, Peony & Blush suede, that Hannah had introduced us too. Christie chose to have all layers in this scent and I chose the same with a blend of Red Roses, as Jo Malone fragrances can be blended together to create your own blend & bespoke scent.


I have worked for big brands before and know the training can be amazing but all the staff in this store knew so much more, going above and beyond. They articulately and with ease discussed layering, ingredients and fragrance notes. Hannah explained to Christie the benefits of layering as she pampered us with whisked body wash removed with steamed fragranced flannel, then massaged our hand and arms with body creme and then applied the beautiful Peony & Blush Suede fragrance.


Every momet of this experience was perfect from start to end, a perfect day for a beautiful, thoughtful and simply amazing friend (and yes I did buy her the fragrance…  She is so worth every penny!) can’t wait to be a frequent visitor to Jo Malone Bluewater and try lots more of their beautiful fragrances!