Sweet Cheeks Beauty My Year So Far

I have been on a journey of discovery so far this year. I have learnt a new focus and set my mind to achieving great things. I have been discovering lots of new things about myself and found out my life is far more positive when I’m sharing with others the things that I enjoy. It doesn’t mean to say life is easy and I’m sure there will be times I share with you those days you find hard to see the silver lining, but I’m sure you will all help me find it!

So from now on that will be what my blog is for, sharing with you my journey whether it be personal or business I want to share what I’m grateful for and what makes me happy so I can maybe bring some happiness to others.

I’m really excited to be setting myself some great goals to achieve my dreams and I look forward to sharing all that with you. My businesses continue to expand with beauty, products, events and so much more. I have also found my love for writing again and plan to put together a book of positive poetry here is one of my poems to share with you all, be kind actually no be honest.


At the moment over here it’s the school summer holidays so I’ll also share with you some of the great days out and times I spend with my beautiful little boy Finley.

Oh there is so much good stuff to come I can’t wait, thanks for reading speak soon