Beauty – Natural Luxurious Skincare formulated for Special & Sensitive Skin


Skin Complaints account for the greatest number of Doctor consultations in Britain, according to a survey carried out by charity Allergy UK an astounding 56% of allergy sufferers are in need of Skincare products made with them in mind, they need a Skincare regime that delivers high quality Skincare products developed for allergy prone or sensitive skin. So that could mean some of you reading this may really benefit from reading on as Arbonne really does have the answer and its brand new ….

Just launched this weekend at the annual Arbonne Global Training Confrence in Las Vegas is this amazing natural Skincare regime for sensitive skin types, and when I’m saying “sensitive” I’m talking people who don’t just suffer with dry tight skin but react to most products or just can’t find a complete routine without one product causing an issue. And I got to see them and try them last night when I met up with my team leader at Heathrow after just flying in from Vegas!

The Arbonne Calm range is formulated to help provide hydrating relief from tightness, dryness and discomfort. With extra gentle formulas help calm and soothe sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, colorant-free, and allergy- and dermatologist-tested, Calm has soothing botanicals to nurture and moisturize without blocking pores.

The range includes four amazing products;
Gentle Daily Cleanser gently washes away makeup, excess oil and dirt without irritating or over-drying the skin.
Soothing Facial Serum, ideal for improving texture and appearance of the skin, this gorge,ous cooling serum quickly penetrates and soothes the skin, locking in moisture and leaving the skin feeling hydrated in perfect preparation for the Gentle Daily Moisturiser
Gentle Daily Moisturiser, Formulated to help provide hydrating relief from tightness, dryness and discomfort, this lightweight moisturizer restores and maintains skin moisture without leaving an oily feeling and can be used day or night.
Soothing Eye Gel, Helps reduce the appearance of puffiness around the eyes and hydrates and smooths the eye area for youthful, vibrant-looking skin. Instantly refreshing, ophthalmologist-tested and easy to use rollerball applicator prevents unnecessary dragging of such delicate skin.

So you saw that stats at the beginning is this you? If it is get in touch and tell me about your skin maybe I can help maybe I can send you some samples of the new calm range to try or maybe I know some other products they may be just what you need whatever it is get in touch I would love to hear from you.

I’ll share some more of the newly launched products with you tomorrow



Happiness the easy way to beat “Bad Luck”

Ahh today has been manic you know juggling mummy hood, my own business, working and managing other projects is pretty hard going and times i feel like pulling my hair out. But then I remember why I’m doing it, I set myself some bigger goals for my future.

Photo courtesy of Marketing Artfully

You see I have a million reasons I could sit here and tell you why I can’t do it, I could use a hundred hard life experiences I have had to go through (and some of them were really life altering!) but I choose not to be a victim of my circumstances or of my “bad luck”. Instead I embrace all the wonderful stuff, everyday as much as I can I find things to smile about (you’d be surprised how many people look at you funny when your smiling for no reason). And don’t for one second be fooled into thinking this comes easy, this shize is hard to do! But things you work hard for are always worth it!

So along with my usual ramblings on my blog and of course my beauty updates I’m going to start telling you little ways I stay positive, ill tell you about books I read and tips I learn along the way I will tell you little places I find joy or inspiration and ill share all this because I want you to have it too. Everyone deserves joy out of everyday, everyone deserves to smile and be happy I choose to embrace this where I can, that doesn’t mean I don’t loose that momentum, it doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally slip and have a “bad” morning or let loose and have a proper princess tantrum of course I do but the good outweighs the bad so something’s working right? 🙂


I love my job, back from team meeting <3

I just got back from a team meeting in a beautiful bar, overlooking a runway of airplanes taking people to jet setting beautiful destinations, talking about products I love whilst drinking a beautiful red wine. Doesn’t that just sound like the dream job?

Tonight I got to meet with one of the most inspiring women I get to work with my Arbonne team leader Pam, she was on a stop over at Heathrow having just flown in from the yearly annual training in Vegas, I was uber excited to see her with all her positive vibes and manner, I traveled up with Sarah who I found so much in common with, so am sure I will be seeing more of her too, yay!

So as well as getting to indulge with two fabulous people I also got to see all the fab new products just launched! Tomorrow I’m going to tell you all about all those luxurious and prestigious products (skincare, haircare and make up!) but as I take my last sip of tea for now I’m off to bed, im shattered, night night!



Skinny, Fat, Size Zero what’s behind the labels?

Whats the deal with every size being the wrong size its everywhere these days and I felt compelled to write thisafter various Facebook rants and digs at others I decide its pointless instead I’m going to be harsh, speak my mind and put all these labels into perspective.

Curvy beautifulmxoxo

I’m tiny thanks to my flat chested boyish top half I’m an English size 6 (American size 2) and because I’m constantly on the to I’m lucky to have a slim and small size 8 bottom half may I point out at this point though I do have size 7 feet so the wrong shoes can make me look like a golf club or a clown!

I have been unhappy with my figure since my teenage years when the girls I went to school with would rank us based everything, from our chest size, weight, clothing appearance, boyfriends all of it. From me it was humiliating and awful, I wasn’t conscious of my appearance and beauty, I didn’t know or get half the stuff they were talking about because most of it was code and ways to embarrass, exclude and make me feel awful. The worst thing is i thought these people were actually my friends.

Im fortunate now I do have the body I love(and real friends!) but I choose that I choose to stay small, I choose to have a tiny waste and “the gap” (haha) and no curvy women is going to make me feel any less for that. You think I haven’t considered a boob job well of course I have but my man loves my boobs and so do I, you think I haven’t tried to put on weight (to please what others feel the correct size door me!) I could probably eat you under the table but I eat balanced and do things like sit ups when I’m at home. That doesn’t mean you have to it, it is simply what I have to do to stay the way I’m happy. if you are happy and beautiful, you dress confidently and feel a amazing then I for one can honestly say you are so lucky I battled to find that feeling for so long not realising it was all down to me. However if your not happy only you can change that!

three things helped me overcome my body issues; a loving partner who tells me daily I’m gorgeous, I’m lucky we have such an alive and happy relationship after so long together. A BoudoirPhotography shoot with one of my closest friends Carla and finally looking in the mirror daily and noticing the beautiful things about me I like rather than the things I’m not so keen on (we all have hang ups even us boney bitches!)

I love women’s bodies I think they are amazing whatever their size, my point is love your own body don’t try and belittle someone else’s to try and make you feel better about your own, I think your all beautiful and sometimes I snap back out of haste but its never my intention, merely my hurt and pride to protect myself.

Tell people they are beautiful more share the beauty and you will notice it more in yourself.

hugs and kisses