Motivational Mondays Leading the Way

Okay so this Monday I’m focusing on how we inspire others, I spent last week housebound because my 6 year old had chicken pox. I did suffer a bit of cabin fever but overall enjoyed the time I got to spend with my boys and I noticed how much what I do inspires my eldest, Finley.

I have been planning how I will return to work and some new ventures I will be taking part in, its meant some time while the baby was snoozing working away in the sunshine at the table in the conservatory and it made me smile how much my son wanted to be sat colouring in or working away next to me. You see Finley doesn’t like writing or colouring much and his fine motor skills are below what’s expected in school, but what I love is when you spark a passion or interest in Finley he will try his hardest to draw or write about it.

We don’t just influence the young around us, this last week I have noticed how my business and what I do inspires others including people older than me, this makes me feel fabulous its great to spark off someone else’s passion. So this week thinks about your actions and how you may be inspiring those around you without even knowing it or intending to. Try and keep your thoughts and actions positive and have a fabulous week.



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