Monday Morning Motivation, It’s a Start.

Morning gorgeous people
I’m finding motivation hard this morning, I’m trying to juggle lots my boys need something  constantly even if it’s just the eldest announcing his going to the toilet, the baby needing to launch something at me or the man coming in to moan about something, they don’t need me for any fun stuff this morning! Then there is the housework a mammoth task I’m choosing to bury my head in the washing pile and ignore!  Mix that in with a whole lotta work and plans finding motivation can be tough especially when you don’t know where to start, which is why I thought this was perfect  & may help inspire someone else who isn’t feeling as driven and focused this Monday morning.


Whatever your doing have a fabulous one, Id Love to know what keeps you going and motivates you on days like this!


My Sunday Signature, A bit about Me & My Business behind the Blog


Thought this picture sums me up as the quirky, crazy, passionate, enthusiastic  mumpreneur behind this blog I keep writing.

I know I blog about beauty a lot but it’s actually my business and a massive passion of mine.  I understand so many behind the scenes elements of the business behind beauty, through the brands I’ve worked with and running my own beauty room. Through intensive beauty training Im also knowledgeable on the products, how to use them, the ingredients and the benefits. I share this knowledge with my clients all the time when advising them on products, routines and treatments, I promise I’ll try and remember to explain my reasonings & choices more in my blogs because it’s normally on a knowledge basis and it’s good to know!

So what do I know & how do I use my knowledge other than blogging…
💋I worked for Estee Lauder & Christian Dior, I got some of the best make up training from the worldwide make up artists I got to work alongside, this was such a fun time in my career.
💋I have an ITEC Beauty Specialist qualification that’s recognised in over 33 countries  worldwide.
💋I have been on training courses with Fake Bake and am a recognised tan expert
💋I’m a Qualified OPI Gelcolor Technician
💋I run a beauty room located within Athena Fitness Gravesend thats open Tues-Sat
💋I have had several features writing the beauty section of Kent Women In Business Magazine
💋I guest speak (ramble-often) at networking events talking about different aspects of my business
💋I support school career projects. By giving my time doing talks and sharing my experiences
💋 I host princess parties (I’m trained in face painting) and I get to spend the whole time making little girls sparkle and we all get to wear tiaras!! I also host mummy & princess days with the support of some fab local businesses!
💋I host events where I support and work alongside as many local traders as I can squeeze in to offer guests indulgent Pamper & Shopping evenings that have the most amazing friendly, fun atmosphere, luxury treatments and tons to buy buy buy! Plus goody bags and we always support a different charity through our raffle!
💋I am about to launch workshops to share my knowledge and enhance women’s confidence in beauty and make up, I’m so excited about this.

I do all this around and with the love and support of my gorgeous other half, beautiful sons and a mum who is amazing & always on hand for nanny duties. But it doesn’t always come easy sometimes jugglers have to stop and take time out, and sometimes I just have to focus. I’ll be sharing with you more this week on the time I’ve had out to reflect whilst off on maternity this year, the people who have helped me and what is coming for the very near future …plus finally a new website!

Day 3 September Shout Outs Delicious Scrumptious… The Chocolate Angel

Andrea is another trader who has been so supportive of both sides of Sweet Cheeks, both the beauty and the events but more importantly me! Another trader who has become a friend, whose daughter I treat like a little sister giving her lectures and buying her ice cream when she comes in for her nails lol and someone who understands and like me treats business personally because we are the business! (in both ways hehe)

We last worked together at my Sweet Cheeks Relaunch Birthday event in June and The Chocolate Angel sponsored my goody bags check what came in the VIP ones….


Andrea was also my easter bunny delivering chocolate lego for my eldest to enjoy in all different colours…


Annndddd she made his smash cake for his birthday last month, it was AWESOME….


It really doesn’t matter what the occasion there is something to suit everyone, whether it’s a chocolate covered oreo, a chocolate slab or some delicious chocolate truffles (my other half loves the chocolate orange slabs, my parents love the truffles, I love the lollies and finley well he lives all of it!!)


Andrea attends local markets, some events and also makes and delivers her gorgeous Belgian chocolate delights through her website. So here are all the links you need to check The Chocolate Angel out…


You can also catch her and this upcoming event I’m hosting, click on the link and be sure to check it out xoxo


Day One of September ShoutOuts my official photographer Carla Guest Photography

Ahhh it makes me excited that Carla Guest Photography is the first business I’m sharing with you guys! We go way back, her darling sister Natasha took me under her wing on the first day of primary school and we have all sure come a long way since then and I still love both girls dearly over 20 years later!

Carla is the official photographer at all of my events, including the Sweet Cheeks Birthday Relaunch in June.









As well as having had the joy of snapping my crazy family



and me half naked in one kinda amazeballs sexy kickass boudoir shoot (yeah I’m big headed the way she made me look and feel I got every right to be haha!!)


That’s one of the best bits about her, her calming nature, her friendliness and her total understanding of the job in hand. Thats without ignoring the fact no matter what the job she puts all her passion and knowledge into captivating it in the best possible way.

Thats all before the finished results, her photos give me goosebumps, the way she captures a moment is mesmerising, totally natural and enlightening. I really do adore them and I would love for you to check out some more of Carlas work, so here are all her details.




Why September is going to be sensational for Sweet Cheeks Beauty & Events

Can’t believe September’s here already, I’m actually really really excited, having some maternity leave this year meant I had time to really plan for all what’s to come, its going to be SENSATIONAL….

💖 The return of the amazing Indulgence evenings where I get to work with & showcase 30 amazing traders & therapists. More info here
💖 The start of me productively sharing some of my 11 years knowledge, experience and training by hosting a Fabulous  Autumn/Winter Make Up Workshops
💖 The usual gorgeous beauty treats in the Sweet Cheeks Beauty Room plus some special appearances
💖 Special Offer for September Gel Finger & Toes in the beauty room £30
💖 Attending 4 product launches & one exclusive event plus the trade show
💖 Being a guest speaker at events
💖 A new website that’s going to make you forget all my old ones (it’s currently hacked!)
💖 Some exciting new partnerships that will be of huge benefit to my lovely clients both in the beauty room and at events!
💖 The start of Santa’s stock arriving… Don’t worry I even hate me for writing that its bloody scary!!!

What has got you excited about September?

Passion Never Fails, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be Tough Times

I just wanted to share this with you guys quickly. Totally random and not my usual type of blog, but after talking to various people this week it’s something I felt compelled to share.

I have been in the beauty industry eleven years and so far it’s been a rollercoaster.  I’ve have worked for high end counters, at some amazing London events, alongside internationally recognised make up artists, worked in Europe, worked with all ages from little princesses, beautiful brides, models, a total mixture of clients. I have opened my own beauty room, attended events, hosted events, been recognised for my work, written for Kent Women In Business Magazine (last 3 issues!!), and so much more!!! There is so much to love about it both what I have achieved so far and what I’m building upon right now!!!

It doesn’t mean this has been easy I share the fab stuff because it makes me happy but without telling a story and getting all down there are times its been so hard.  It has been so challenging, stuff I haven’t known, techy shit I had to learn, marketing that didn’t work, times I’ve seen competition doing something better than me or that I want to do, snow when I was opening doors to an event, times I’ve cried, times my boys have needed me more than work, times my eldest makes me so guilty for doing work, times I feel like I have no life, bad stuff that happens out of your control, those mornings I can’t get out of bed and oh so many times I was just going to quit and say F it all..But I never did and probably never will it’s my passion, my industry, my profession, my joy, my job!

SO YOU READING THIS my purpose of this is to help. To help anyone starting out, or anyone been trying to crack it for what seems like forever please whatever it is if it’s your passion don’t give up because when you see the true extent of what you can achieve its pretty amazing!! Bookmark this and when your day isn’t going to plan remember your passion will keep you going and if you know someone struggling share it with them.


That got a bit heavy didn’t it! I just felt really strongly that I could of done with hearing that when I doubted where I was heading, this week’s been amazing. I know I’ve been quiet with the blog but I have been in meetings with some omg awesome people, enjoying lunches and manicures (yeah check me getting pampered) and also planning some pretty amazeballs events I’m working on the blogs about those right now. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and they can help someone xoxo

Ahhhh guys where have i been ….

Done it again didnt i, got into a really good routine and system with my blogging then like that i have a week of shit and it stops! i find it so frustrating I love blogging, I love how I get to play and write and share so much of what I love. Don’t think i have been skiving for no reason though life got busy & at times a bit turbulent but hey it wouldn’t be my life if i didn’t have a daily wobbler and ride the emotional roller coaster out! Anyways just to fill you in on some of what i have been up to …

Two Weddings…I got to be bridesmaid for one of my lifetime besties and it was the most beautiful thing to be part of, i have to say Fran is normally like me works amazingly by having a little flap and then we continue, bearing in mind i work with brides doing make up, never in my life have i ever come across one so calm, it was amazing. When i asked her why she just looked at me so happy and content and said “I know everything’s sorted now, anything that isn’t doesn’t matter, i just want to enjoy it all” that brides to be is the best bridal advice i ever heard in my life!!
And look at her, just seeing her ready made me cry, most gorgeous bride!

The following day another wedding another gorgeous bride and special friend, although in fairness our friendship is purely based on us abusing each other it works fabulously and i have a huge soft spot for her beautiful kids! i also road a rodeo bull in a playsuit … for the record even pullling the trousers up to get grip … i was shit, it felt about 50 seconds realistically was probably 10, there was a 12 year old girl who stayed on over a minute. i mean seriously!!

Then i have the summer hols to contend with for the eldest, trying to make sure I’m doing enough with him and his having fun, we have been to various fundays, we have held creepy crawlies, his done rock climbing took part in an amazing local football camp, which he loves especially the water fight on the last day, his played with friends, downloaded new apps (subsequently killing his ipad) his had friends over to play and been round to them.

Meanwhile his little bro has started rolling everywhere so i now cant look away for a second and his contiued with his usual dribbles, feeds, sick, shit , haha actually that reminds me i got to share with you guys just to show exactly how bad i get some days and that im totally human, although i done quite well to sort of laugh at myself and cry all at once, this is my facebook status from last thursday:

What I find more entertaining is the loving support I get from my friends….
“I actually just pissed my self laughing ha ha sorry Stef but that is quite funny! Love you x”
“What doesn’t kill you and all that LOL X”
” I’m not laughing (much)! Chin up sounds like it can only get better ”
They all made me smile on their own ways haha.

Oh yeah important news, I also booked my next indulgence events, for those of you who don’t know thats all part of my company and job, I host exclusive and indulgent pamper evenings and get to work with and exhibit around 30 other local businesses and traders, I’ll share more details all about the plans for that this week.

I’ll also be sharing a sort of Face of the Week post as obviously i have been wearing make up but just not had time to share the details with you lovely lot!

Blogs to come this week:
🎀Make Up. My Face: A week of FOTD
🎀This weeks FOTD – Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thurdsay Friday
🎀Wednesday Wishlist
🎀Upcoming Events
🎀Sneak Peek Birchbox August 2014 & I’m Booked in for the Manithon
🎀First Glance GlossyBox August 2014
🎀Plus I’m going to try and sneak in some reviews of products I’m really rating at the mo.

So I’m going to update all the links above as I write each of them, so if your reading this Friday and there ain’t no links someone shout at me and tell me off lol!

Right time to get to it. Can’t wait to start updating tomorrow, as always let me know you are out there


Looking After Hair After Pregnancy & Birth

Ok so my second son is approaching 6 months old and already the hair is falling out thick and fast, last night what I pulled from the plughole resembled a small rat! I don’t know if this is normal for all mums but I know a few who have suffered with it. None the less it is much better than the first time round 6 years ago I remember sobbing thinking I was going bald.

I think it’s better this time thanks to how I am caring for my hair, whilst I’m always randomly trying new testers and samples sent to me, the two key products I can’t live without are my
shampoo and my hair oil. Both from the Revlon Uniq One brand. What these products promise (10 real benefits with each) I have noted personally, they hand down deliver. I’m not sponsored or endorsed I pay trade price for this product but that’s because of being a beauty professional so I do just rate and recommend it!


The shampoo (stolen daily by the men in my life) is lovely, it’s foams up and leaves hair feeling truly cleansed after just one shampoo, with a texture completely different to conventional shampoos. Does not affect the scalps natural layer of protection because it respects the pH of the skin.
Here are the benefits
1. Washes thoroughly and gently
Agreed hair feels deeply cleansed after
2. Protects & Moisturises Scalp
Has stopped my scalp from flaking and itching
3. Maximum Silkness & Smoothness
My hair is really soft especially when combined with oil weekly
4. Does not weigh hair down
My hair is fine and light but my style isn’t dropping out as quickly
5. Boosts shine
My colour and highlights seem brighter especially in the summer sun
6. Frizz Control
Don’t really suffer but am noticing smaller hairs not as fly away
7. Hair easy to manage & control
Agreed but in fairness it is always like this it’s fine and poker straight
8. Strengthens Hair
My hair isn’t falling out as quickly as the first time round
9. Reduces hair breakage
As above number 8
10. Prevents split ends
A lot less split ends in between trims at Jaxx (you can buy this from them)

Not gonna lie I originally only brought this second product cos I’m a sucker for anything coconut, like really bad, I think it’s the smell of sunshine and summer and it makes me happy (an extra benefit not counted on the packaging)
The benefits of this include:
1. Repair for dry & damaged hair ☑
2. Shine & frizz control ☑
3. Heat protection ☑
4. Silkiness & smoothness ☑
5. Hair color protection / with uva & uvb filters ☑ with an added woopwoop
6. Easier brushing & ironing ☑
7. Incredible detangling ☑
8. Long-lasting hairstyle ☑
9. Split ends prevention ☑
10. Adds body ☑  it’s also easier to define and create awesomeness with the added body

So have you tried it what do you think? Would you recommend or perhaps like to try? Please as always like and comment below always fab to know your out there

Monday Morning Mumpreneur Motivation!

Mmmmmm … What a mouthful I have given you this morning but there is a great explanation for it. You see my motivation and the sudden whirlwind I am creating in my home and business have all gone from the normal 80mph to full steam ahead because last Thursday I was the runner up in the Mumpreneur category of the Kent Women In Business Awards.


This was such a big deal for me and if I’m honest something I really needed. You see it can be hard being self employed. A lot of the time working for yourself by yourself and it can get frustrating, lonely and there are times you think you may be driving yourself mad, when arguing between the benefits and disadvantages of any idea! Then there are moments like Thursday night, where I was a runner up amongst over 40 entries of extremly talented and inspiring business women.

We all need moments like Thursday night whether they come in the way of an award or just a friendly confident boost of encouraging words and so I made you this ….


You are AWESOME now go dream big, share positivity & love and have a kickass awesome week!


P.S I know the title says MORNING motivation but even us Mumpreneurs have our challenges;