My Meditation Journey So Far!

Ok, so I am really starting to get into this meditation now, as some of you know I’m taking part in the Deepak Chopra 21 Day Meditation Programme (there is still time to sign up).

I found it really hard to settle at first I’m a very hyperactive and energetic person and am often running from chaos and stress. Taking time out for me time and meditation is much needed and on day 5 of the programme it finally clicked and had that vivid visualisations, that moment when all I wanted from life was visibly clear and whilst it highlighted all the beautiful possessions I would love for my family and I to have, it also highlighted all the people dear to me who I wanted to make a difference for and the abundance of positivity and happiness I want for our lives.

These last two weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions and discoveries for me, so to be so visibly clear and to notice such a positive shift in my mood I can not recommend the programme enough. It’s free for everyone to try, so whilst meditation may not have been something you have consider before I really recommend just trying it, taking just 20 minutes from your busy day just for you! Let me know and keep me posted join in, I want to know how others are getting on!

Today me and Finley are making dream boards, I don’t want to loose that clarity or vision of what I created last night and I want to show Finley the power of what makes him happy. I’ll create a blog on them later on, when we have completed them. Have a fabulous day! Namaste.




A Random Share of Card Reading & My Challenge Ahead

Ok so tonight I done myself an angel card reading, it is just something I like to do every so often and the card I drew tonight was this….

I found this really great and reassuring as tomorrow I am beginning on my first “course” of meditation. It is a 21 day meditation programme with Deepak Chopra if you click in that link, there is still time to sign up. I’m really looking forward to taking part and after receiving my email tonight have prepared myself for the programme.

Set the intention for what you wish the next 21 days will bring into your life. As it is a programme for abundance that’s what I have based my intentions around, I’d like to point out at this point abundance does not just mean financial riches
– I would like to create abundance of love, health, wealth and happiness for my family.
– I would like to appreciate and take in all the little details, for this is where the true abundance of life lies.
– I would like to attract abundance into my business and educational decisions
– I would like to feel relaxed and revived.
– i would like to notice a transformation of positivity in myself, more positive and to have a positive effect on those around me.

Let others in your life know how important meditation is to you and ask that they respect the time you’ve set aside for yourself. – so I’m going to do it as soon as Finley is in bed and tell dan I’m having some me time!

Check your email daily. – this is going to be tough but all part of the programme I have a busy week though (a Pamper with a Purpose for British Heart Foundation Thursday) so may have to do a morning/afternoon check!

If you miss a day of meditation, be gentle with yourself and then resume your daily practice-it’s dans 30th birthday Tuesday so I’m going I try and get up early to squeeze my meditation in (and let him have a lay in!)

So quick go log on here take part with me and let me know how you are preparing and be sure to stay in touch along the way!

My Top 5 things about being a Bridal Make Up Artist

1. The buzz starts with the first moment I meet the bride, there is nothing more exciting then meeting someone planning their special day. The first time I meet them is usually at the trial, I love going through my portfolio discussing their likes and dislikes and ideas for what they want to create the perfect look. We then play …. Lots until we achieve that wow moment when she looks in the mirror. make up kit is huge having been in the industry for nearly ten years, having worked with some of the top make up houses such as Christian Dior & Estée Lauder plus having a serious beauty obsession means my kit is huge! (yet highly organised.)

3. The Day the laughter, the emotions, the giggles, the Buck’s Fizz and last minute hiccups I love it all, Yes on a professional level I’m there as a make up artist but more often than not it comes back to that buzz of being involved in something so special! I have been known to help in anyway I can tying dresses, putting on shoes all sorts me but its fabulous just fabulous!

4. Seeing The Photographs whilst I’m slow updating my website gallery I love when a bride sends me a link for her photographers album, the natural shots are always my favourite after all I’m a make up artist who believes in enhancing the brides natural beauty and always feel these photos capture the look, emotions and everything about the day best. Just look at this bride below, not a lot of make up needed just natural perfection, isn’t she beautiful!


5. The compliments It’s a big choice for a bride to pick me, and i think its a massive deal. Not because I don’t think I’m good enough I know I am, I have been enjoying my job for years and am always practising and developing my knowledge. It’s a big deal because this is one of the biggest days of their lives and they want me to be involved! I think it is one of the most blessed and complimentary parts of my job. I also am greatful for the wonderful feedback I recieve, it’s lovely to be a memory in such a special day.