So much to catch up on so much HAPPY NEWS!

Oh my goodness I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping you up to date with everything sweet cheeks beauty and events, my meditation and everything else that has been missing from the blog the last few weeks but I have some fabulous news to share with you all!

Last weekend my partner, some friends and I went out for a weekend break to Amsterdam. I love it there this time we went for a massive drum and bass event Innovation in The Dam. And as fabulous as that’s was that’s isn’t my news …
On the Saturday morning after having an alright breakfast in stones coffeeshop we decided to have a walk up to damn square.
What I have to point out to you at this point is me and my partner are very loving and very complimentary of one another, so when we were walking across the square and I’m looking up at the beautiful stone work as Dan tells me some loving and beautiful things about us and our relationship I was listening contently whilst looking at all the surroundings. Then what he done next took my breath away as I heard him say “will you make me the happiest man” I spin to look at him as he gets down on one knee, ring in hand and finishes with “by becoming my wife”. Of course I said yes how could I not, the man of my dreams, my soul mate, the father to our beautiful son, my best friend and now my fiancé! So there will are in the middle of damn square a beautiful ring, kissing the man of my dreams. People keep asking me if people saw and were all watching, but the truth is I don’t know because to me for those few minutes that I can break down into seconds there was only me and Danny there. I live him so much he honestly has made me the happiest girl in the world!

It doesn’t stop there when I rang to tell my mum her voice was crackling and very happy(she was crying) when I asked how he knew the good news she explained how my gorgeous man had rung to ask my parents permission! ❤

I'm am so lucky and blessed, can't wait to start blogging about this wedding planning malarkey 🙂


Me & Dan just before he proposed 🙂

Celebrating Saturday evening at The Grasshopper steakhouse Amsterdam

Before going out raving saturday night until 6am Sunday morning!