Honest Monday Motivation even through Difficulties!

Sometimes on my Monday Motivation blogs I get people express their dismay of how easy I make the motivation appear, but I’m human it’s not always the case!
Although I instead choose to focus on it as a commitment, meaning that by doing it, finding that motivation through the hard times and sharing it with others will make it easier to come by, easier to accept and more excitingly easier to share.

But today I’m going to share with you the reality, that as much as I want to motivate and inspire others as the sun beams at me through the window I have had what can only be described as a pretty shit morning! And if it makes you feel better and more human I’m going to tell you all about it and then finish with the motivation in its depths.

Ok so run through so far:
1. Having to walk to school because my car is at deaths door and has no tax or MOT – it’s going to scrap yard heaven today 😦
I’d like it noted this now means I have to walk, hold on correct that with less than two weeks until the baby arrives I’m waddling everywhere!!
2. It’s the first week of the month the bills are all coming out the bank
3. The local council are chasing a council tax bill of from over 10 years ago – I know I hoard shit but even my paperwork doesn’t go that far back!!! And when we go down there they say they can’t provide us with the proof we are asking for to email them – does no one work face to face anymore!! They also give me a list of numbers which send me passed from pillar to post hormonal and crying a little
4. HMRC have told me I was overpaid working tax credits by a couple of grand which amazes me as they are HMRC and so knew what I was earning down to the penny!! So I’m now having to try to understand their working out to know where my working out and what I received went so bloody wrong and I’m trying to understand numbers with serious baby brain!! So I go to the HMRC person at the local office and basically he can’t help either I have to talk to a million automated messages before I might maybe possibly find someone who can advise me!
5. I have now pulled my house apart so much in attempt to declutter my office for the nursery plus clear all my other piles hidden in nooks and cranny’s that I have lost the will at that last hurdle of stuff that has no home!!!

Next on my to do list is this, my motivational blog and that’s when I sat down and thought how do I conquer this today, how do I face it when I feel so challenged and I found just what I needed;

<a href="http://

And that’s when I got my head together and turned the shitty day around:
1. Walking is good for me and Finley loves to ride his scooter to school, it wasn’t raining this morning and I stopped to see my mum too and made us a cuppa!
2. I wouldn’t have bills if I hadn’t received the luxuries of the items for which they are paying, here is what i mean;
my gas bill is paying to heat my home and for those gorgeous hot showers or deep bubble baths
the electricity is a bill for the luxury of light so I don’t have to try and read in the dark, so that I can make hot chocolate in the microwave
My phone bill pays for the luxury of being able to contact someone special straight away and write this blog on my phone right now!
And I’m fortunate that each month I manage to pay for these luxuries even if occasionally I do log into my online banking peeking through my fingers! 😉
3. I have done all I can I have spoken to all the “powers that be” to explain how we can’t disprove what they are saying but don’t agree and I have to leave that there, I can’t let that consume me or get me down it will get there in the end and until further contact is made on their part it’s out of my control
4. HMRC like to confuse me so I know I need to have every last figure down to the penny and be ready to ask them all theirs it’s hard to remember everything when your on the phone and they seems so scary (they’re not!) so I’m going to sit and run through it all myself and then tackle it head on, and ask for their help and explanations to go with it all just to try and understand how such a large error was made!
5. Decluttering has made me feel accomplished and content at home and seeing the final stretch I know once its done I can relax and get ready for baby’s arrival and just enjoying our home, for now the bin men hate me and the charity shop love me for the same reason they are both getting a mountain of bags each week! 🙂

Sharing this today has kept me smiling and lifted me when the reality is I’d like to bury my head in the sand and pretend its not happening but I also want to show the human behind the blog, the reality and say Thank YOU! I turned my day around because I wanted to motivate and inspire whoever is reading this.

Special Thanks Image use from the very inspirational Dr Steve Maraboli httpwww.stevemaraboli.com/

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