Passion Never Fails, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be Tough Times

I just wanted to share this with you guys quickly. Totally random and not my usual type of blog, but after talking to various people this week it’s something I felt compelled to share.

I have been in the beauty industry eleven years and so far it’s been a rollercoaster.  I’ve have worked for high end counters, at some amazing London events, alongside internationally recognised make up artists, worked in Europe, worked with all ages from little princesses, beautiful brides, models, a total mixture of clients. I have opened my own beauty room, attended events, hosted events, been recognised for my work, written for Kent Women In Business Magazine (last 3 issues!!), and so much more!!! There is so much to love about it both what I have achieved so far and what I’m building upon right now!!!

It doesn’t mean this has been easy I share the fab stuff because it makes me happy but without telling a story and getting all down there are times its been so hard.  It has been so challenging, stuff I haven’t known, techy shit I had to learn, marketing that didn’t work, times I’ve seen competition doing something better than me or that I want to do, snow when I was opening doors to an event, times I’ve cried, times my boys have needed me more than work, times my eldest makes me so guilty for doing work, times I feel like I have no life, bad stuff that happens out of your control, those mornings I can’t get out of bed and oh so many times I was just going to quit and say F it all..But I never did and probably never will it’s my passion, my industry, my profession, my joy, my job!

SO YOU READING THIS my purpose of this is to help. To help anyone starting out, or anyone been trying to crack it for what seems like forever please whatever it is if it’s your passion don’t give up because when you see the true extent of what you can achieve its pretty amazing!! Bookmark this and when your day isn’t going to plan remember your passion will keep you going and if you know someone struggling share it with them.


That got a bit heavy didn’t it! I just felt really strongly that I could of done with hearing that when I doubted where I was heading, this week’s been amazing. I know I’ve been quiet with the blog but I have been in meetings with some omg awesome people, enjoying lunches and manicures (yeah check me getting pampered) and also planning some pretty amazeballs events I’m working on the blogs about those right now. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and they can help someone xoxo

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