Pure Indulgence & Champagne at Jo Malone for one of the Besties birthdays

So today is one of my best friend Charities birthday, she had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket so we took a trip up the road to Bluewater, we had a nice wander she spent her pennies and we created wishlists (you know for when we are like millionaires!)

We also happened to come across the most beautiful Jo Malone store that opened a few weeks ago. Needless to say we got excited just seeing the outside….


…but once you cross the threshold your taken to the epitome of luxury and indulgence. It’s a shop where not a thing is out of place it’s prestine but I feel happy and confident browsing (and touching) items, despite the array of fragrances it doesn’t hurt your nose, or make you feel overwhelmed, the staff are immaculately groomed welcoming and I haven’t even reached the details of our actual experience yet… Oh I want to live in this shop.



Not long after entering we were greeted by a bright, beautiful and bubbly consultant called Hannah. She asked us questions about our experience with the brand and once I said we were just shopping and browsing for my gorgeous girl Christies birthday she pulled out all the stops. A seat at the luxury fragrance bar where we were served champagne and given a pouch to place our jewellery (it’s the little touches)

We had both already fallen in love with the latest fragrance offering from Jo Malone, Peony & Blush suede, that Hannah had introduced us too. Christie chose to have all layers in this scent and I chose the same with a blend of Red Roses, as Jo Malone fragrances can be blended together to create your own blend & bespoke scent.


I have worked for big brands before and know the training can be amazing but all the staff in this store knew so much more, going above and beyond. They articulately and with ease discussed layering, ingredients and fragrance notes. Hannah explained to Christie the benefits of layering as she pampered us with whisked body wash removed with steamed fragranced flannel, then massaged our hand and arms with body creme and then applied the beautiful Peony & Blush Suede fragrance.


Every momet of this experience was perfect from start to end, a perfect day for a beautiful, thoughtful and simply amazing friend (and yes I did buy her the fragrance…  She is so worth every penny!) can’t wait to be a frequent visitor to Jo Malone Bluewater and try lots more of their beautiful fragrances!



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