Opening the Sweet Cheeks Beauty Room at Athena Fitness

So in my last post I told you a little (well quite a lot) about what it took me to get to the point where I could announce “Sweet Cheeks Beauty has a home, a gorgeous beauty room at Athena Fitness” you can have a read of that here, but this post is to tell you about my new beauty room where it is, transforming it, the fab Athena Ladies I get to work alongside and making one of my dreams come true.

It all came about by not only one of my best clients but also my oldest and dearest friend.

I was doing my Kaleighs minx and she is an amazing pole fitness instructor and told me about a beauty room that had become available where she teaches, having already said no to two beauty rooms already this year my gut instinct told me this was it, this was the next step and my perfect opportunity. That evening I emailed the lady I knew who ran Athena Fitness Olivia and having been established and respected within her industry for so long with a team of amazing and highly trained staff i was excited by the possibilities of what could be (i think that enthusiasm came across in that email).

Meeting Olivia at the beauty room located within Athena Fitness Gravesend for the first time I knew straight away we could both make this work and within that little beauty room I was going to make magic happen, I agreed at this first meeting, this was not an opportunity I wanted to miss.

The day after receiving the keys I spent the day decorating I wanted this to be transformed and to be Sweet Cheeks Beauty quaint and just perfect, new and relaunched.
Here are some snaps I took through the transformation.

Me looking every so glam (but incredibly happy) as a painter & decorator

From green to a soft mauve just beautiful!


All complete with couch and products

So now I need to tell you all how you can come get pampered in this amazing little beauty room, well you can keep up to date with the latest updates through the posts on my Facebook page my website Sweet Cheeks Beauty is currently being redesigned, all part of the new dreams, expansion and exciting things to come. If you want to pop in and see me though head down to The Loft, Unit 2 Milton Business Park, Milton Road, Gravesend, Kent DA12 2PG. I even added a map for you to come find me 🙂


If you come in on a Tuesday-Thursday evening you may get chance to see the girls working there magic in pole, aerial hoops and aerial silks, if your feeling really brave you could take them up on there offer of a free taster session 🙂


With special thanks to kaleigh, the friend who has always been so important in my life, Olivia for giving me this amazing opportunity being so supportive and all the Athena girls who I love seeing through the week, absolute amaze me in their classes and for making me feel so welcome. And of course goes without saying my gorgeous fiancé who puts up with my occasional psychotic entrepreneurial tendencies and my little boy who makes it all worth it every day when he says “I love you” and on days like when I was telling him about my work and he replies “I’m proud of you Mummy” (that’s pretty amazing coming from a 6 year old).

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  1. Amazingly proud of my amazing best friend, to achieve her dreams! Stef you have worked so hard am very proud of you! Go girl! Love you xxx

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