Wednesday Wishlist of indulgent Beauty Treats!

I love this it always gets me excited, it gives me reason to be on shopping sites when the other half walks in and it actually makes me buy the stuff I know I really really need want!

So here it is this Wednesdays Wonderful Wishlist of indulgent beauty treats i really want to add to my collection


Top Row
Fake Bake 5 Minute Mouse, i adore fake bake and the colour works perfectly with my skin so I’m dieing to try this gorgeous mouse that i can just whip on before heading out, especially now the sun is quickly disappearing.
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation i think part of me loves the Giorgio Armani cosmetics just because of the packaging and name …ok thats a big part its gorgeous, but I’ve been hearing fab things about the whole make up range thats why I’m so desperate to try so much!
YSL Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupté combines strong colours and total comfort, that last and again i like the packaging, they make my lipsticks pretty! I really want this lipstick in lingerie pink.

Middle Row
Novalash 24 hour cream shadow Triptychs The NovaLash 24 hour eye shadows are a semi-permanent cream formula, designed as “extended-wear” cosmetics, to eliminate the need for any retouching throughout the day. I saw them in one of my professional magazines, the gorgeous packaging o the palettes got my attention, now i am desperate to give them a try, there is a beeautiful selection of 5 palettes to choose from and they include eyeliner!
Jlo Fragrance, old I know but I was in Debenhams the other day and this was on sale I didn’t buy it but I wish I had as I love the warm scent of this fragrance, its lasts on the skin and it has happy memories for me.
Elemis Summer Set Glow, you know im a sucker for gift sets, especially when they include a luxury brand like elemis. Filled with essentials and under £50 (ok only by 50p but its still under!)

Bottom Row
Bare Minerals Lash Domination, you know when a mascara just looks mean, like its going to get all your lashes standing to attention and looking grrrrr, no?? just me haha thats what i thought when i saw this and now i really want to give it go!
Benefit Majorette for cheeks, i just love the benefit cheek range, they offer so much diversity and i think have hit the nail o the head personally with each one, there truly is the perfect match for everyones cheeks with Benefit this is just one of the many i fancy trying!
Lecente Neon Glitters. Me sparkles? never haha…jokes i adore sparkles and I’m desperate to play with the new Neon Collection from this amazing brand, i been looking at their pics and tutorials, you can create so much and its the one product where applying a top coat doesn’t dull the glitter.

what would be on your list? seen any new launches you cant imagine living without? let me know in the comments below then when the other half walks in on me shopping again i can blame you hehe

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