Ahhhh guys where have i been ….

Done it again didnt i, got into a really good routine and system with my blogging then like that i have a week of shit and it stops! i find it so frustrating I love blogging, I love how I get to play and write and share so much of what I love. Don’t think i have been skiving for no reason though life got busy & at times a bit turbulent but hey it wouldn’t be my life if i didn’t have a daily wobbler and ride the emotional roller coaster out! Anyways just to fill you in on some of what i have been up to …

Two Weddings…I got to be bridesmaid for one of my lifetime besties and it was the most beautiful thing to be part of, i have to say Fran is normally like me works amazingly by having a little flap and then we continue, bearing in mind i work with brides doing make up, never in my life have i ever come across one so calm, it was amazing. When i asked her why she just looked at me so happy and content and said “I know everything’s sorted now, anything that isn’t doesn’t matter, i just want to enjoy it all” that brides to be is the best bridal advice i ever heard in my life!!
And look at her, just seeing her ready made me cry, most gorgeous bride!

The following day another wedding another gorgeous bride and special friend, although in fairness our friendship is purely based on us abusing each other it works fabulously and i have a huge soft spot for her beautiful kids! i also road a rodeo bull in a playsuit … for the record even pullling the trousers up to get grip … i was shit, it felt about 50 seconds realistically was probably 10, there was a 12 year old girl who stayed on over a minute. i mean seriously!!

Then i have the summer hols to contend with for the eldest, trying to make sure I’m doing enough with him and his having fun, we have been to various fundays, we have held creepy crawlies, his done rock climbing took part in an amazing local football camp, which he loves especially the water fight on the last day, his played with friends, downloaded new apps (subsequently killing his ipad) his had friends over to play and been round to them.

Meanwhile his little bro has started rolling everywhere so i now cant look away for a second and his contiued with his usual dribbles, feeds, sick, shit , haha actually that reminds me i got to share with you guys just to show exactly how bad i get some days and that im totally human, although i done quite well to sort of laugh at myself and cry all at once, this is my facebook status from last thursday:

What I find more entertaining is the loving support I get from my friends….
“I actually just pissed my self laughing ha ha sorry Stef but that is quite funny! Love you x”
“What doesn’t kill you and all that LOL X”
” I’m not laughing (much)! Chin up sounds like it can only get better ”
They all made me smile on their own ways haha.

Oh yeah important news, I also booked my next indulgence events, for those of you who don’t know thats all part of my company and job, I host exclusive and indulgent pamper evenings and get to work with and exhibit around 30 other local businesses and traders, I’ll share more details all about the plans for that this week.

I’ll also be sharing a sort of Face of the Week post as obviously i have been wearing make up but just not had time to share the details with you lovely lot!

Blogs to come this week:
🎀Make Up. My Face: A week of FOTD
🎀This weeks FOTD – Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thurdsay Friday
🎀Wednesday Wishlist
🎀Upcoming Events
🎀Sneak Peek Birchbox August 2014 & I’m Booked in for the Manithon
🎀First Glance GlossyBox August 2014
🎀Plus I’m going to try and sneak in some reviews of products I’m really rating at the mo.

So I’m going to update all the links above as I write each of them, so if your reading this Friday and there ain’t no links someone shout at me and tell me off lol!

Right time to get to it. Can’t wait to start updating tomorrow, as always let me know you are out there



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