Monday Motivation, Little Steps

Afternoon all wanting to share some inspiration and motivation with you all I found this quote from Commemtsmeme searching Google and I find it so apt at the moment.


Everything I have achieved so far running my beauty room, having my articles featured in Kent Women in business magazine, being recognised and awarded for being a mumpreneur and beauty professional through awards and even being a mum it’s all been achieved and made possible in little steps, don’t get me wrong I may be like an octopus taking 8 little steps with various projects but I’m passionate, it works!


Anyway my very little achievement in the scheme of things comes in relation to my blog, I’ve done a 100 posts and got 200 likes I know statistically it’s crap, but at the moment I’m not sure how successful I will become but these little markers remind me I’m heading the right way, it’s like a well done for something I already enjoy so much and reminds me I’m taking little steps for big achievements (hopefully, maybe one day!) 💄



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