Monday Morning Mumpreneur Motivation!

Mmmmmm … What a mouthful I have given you this morning but there is a great explanation for it. You see my motivation and the sudden whirlwind I am creating in my home and business have all gone from the normal 80mph to full steam ahead because last Thursday I was the runner up in the Mumpreneur category of the Kent Women In Business Awards.


This was such a big deal for me and if I’m honest something I really needed. You see it can be hard being self employed. A lot of the time working for yourself by yourself and it can get frustrating, lonely and there are times you think you may be driving yourself mad, when arguing between the benefits and disadvantages of any idea! Then there are moments like Thursday night, where I was a runner up amongst over 40 entries of extremly talented and inspiring business women.

We all need moments like Thursday night whether they come in the way of an award or just a friendly confident boost of encouraging words and so I made you this ….


You are AWESOME now go dream big, share positivity & love and have a kickass awesome week!


P.S I know the title says MORNING motivation but even us Mumpreneurs have our challenges;



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