A Week today until the next Pamper & Shop Event Gravesend

Its the afternoon and i still have no make up on so needless to say my FOTD is coming later, yesterday has totally wiped me out so ive been trying to get my brain working most of the morning, almost there!!

I spent this morning trying to pick a charity to support in the raffle and donations at next weeks event, this is always really hard and something that I sit and research personallly. Having read lots and crying reading all the ways people depend on charities for support, i picked Movember.

Firstly because someone who i know wouldnt want to be named but is close and special to me has prostrate cancer and its horrible and i hate it! but secondly because as much as Movembers all about supporting the Men, we are the women next to them suffering too, we are the daughters, the wives, the sisters, the granddaughters, the nieces, the friends who dont want them to have to go through this alone and through next weeks charity raffle, through donations from the tickets, through sales on certain stalls, through selfies and rasing awareness WE are going to JOIN IN, WE are going to make a DIFFERENCE, WE are going to show our LOVE & SUPPORT!

So come join me and over 20 LOCAL TRADERS & THERAPISTS, at The Clarendon Royal Hotel Gravesend at 7pm next Thursday 27th November.
There will be buy one get one free on cocktails, special Christmas goody bags, demonstrations, shopping, treatments, a truly wonderful warm friendly and fun atmosphere plus a special invitation and big reveal for 2015 ahhhhhhh …. not many people know that, im EXCITED!!



My Sunday Signature, A bit about Me & My Business behind the Blog


Thought this picture sums me up as the quirky, crazy, passionate, enthusiastic  mumpreneur behind this blog I keep writing.

I know I blog about beauty a lot but it’s actually my business and a massive passion of mine.  I understand so many behind the scenes elements of the business behind beauty, through the brands I’ve worked with and running my own beauty room. Through intensive beauty training Im also knowledgeable on the products, how to use them, the ingredients and the benefits. I share this knowledge with my clients all the time when advising them on products, routines and treatments, I promise I’ll try and remember to explain my reasonings & choices more in my blogs because it’s normally on a knowledge basis and it’s good to know!

So what do I know & how do I use my knowledge other than blogging…
💋I worked for Estee Lauder & Christian Dior, I got some of the best make up training from the worldwide make up artists I got to work alongside, this was such a fun time in my career.
💋I have an ITEC Beauty Specialist qualification that’s recognised in over 33 countries  worldwide.
💋I have been on training courses with Fake Bake and am a recognised tan expert
💋I’m a Qualified OPI Gelcolor Technician
💋I run a beauty room located within Athena Fitness Gravesend thats open Tues-Sat
💋I have had several features writing the beauty section of Kent Women In Business Magazine
💋I guest speak (ramble-often) at networking events talking about different aspects of my business
💋I support school career projects. By giving my time doing talks and sharing my experiences
💋 I host princess parties (I’m trained in face painting) and I get to spend the whole time making little girls sparkle and we all get to wear tiaras!! I also host mummy & princess days with the support of some fab local businesses!
💋I host events where I support and work alongside as many local traders as I can squeeze in to offer guests indulgent Pamper & Shopping evenings that have the most amazing friendly, fun atmosphere, luxury treatments and tons to buy buy buy! Plus goody bags and we always support a different charity through our raffle!
💋I am about to launch workshops to share my knowledge and enhance women’s confidence in beauty and make up, I’m so excited about this.

I do all this around and with the love and support of my gorgeous other half, beautiful sons and a mum who is amazing & always on hand for nanny duties. But it doesn’t always come easy sometimes jugglers have to stop and take time out, and sometimes I just have to focus. I’ll be sharing with you more this week on the time I’ve had out to reflect whilst off on maternity this year, the people who have helped me and what is coming for the very near future …plus finally a new website!

Special Delivery May’s Harpers Bazaar Birchbox

I love reviewing my Birchbox each month, I normally get home from the school run and it’s waiting for me in the porch and I have a day of indulgence!

However… What with this being a new mummy again and planning the Sweet Cheeks Relaunch and my imminent return to the Beauty Room I haven’t had chance. Until tonight that is! The man is working nights, the kids are fed, bathed and sleeping and I’m about to get my pamper on…. BIRCHBOX STYLE!!

So whilst you probably won’t hear from me again this evening I’ll be giving you a full run down on the products; tried, tested and enjoyed tomorrow.

Here is a sneak peek…


Oh and as somewhat of a magazine junkie you can imagine my utter delight that this months Birchbox includes a year’s subscription to Harpers Bazaar for just £12! (I shit you not…just £1 an issue!!!!)

Anyway I’m off to pamper spoil and indulge in beauty delights…want a box then subscribe here just £10 a month +P&P (what’s more we both receive £5 to spend in the Birchbox shop on more awesome beauty stuff!!)


Planning a ladies indulgence evening, lucky I work from stress

Well not stress just call it pressure, I like working like this and whilst I’m excited about the upcoming event in under 3 weeks now is also the point in which my nerves kick in.

Tommorow I’ll be putting up posters locally and trying to spread the word to local shops etc as much as I can, I also be ringing all of the 30plus stalls involved to get attempt to get them all together for a pre meet the week before. That’s what I love about my events; all the companies that are exhibiting are small businesses, working mums, sole traders, and small boutiques that when you put us in a room with tea or wine (depending on the time of day) not only do we brainstorm some fabulous business ideas but we also learn ways we can work together and support each other.

I’ll be working through my lists of stalls, local shops to put posters up, putting together a ticket list that I’ll be delivering by the end of the week and thinking of ways to make the event unique or special.

I always feel with any business it is important to share with people your reasoning, your why, well here is my reason I love to host these luxurious indulgence events

“as a beauty therapist I was attending a lot of fabulous pamper evening at schools, the businesses involved were always fairly unique, the mums showed up in clusters of playground mafia in support and my services and items were always very popular. There was one thing that I always noticed though, the women attending were only ever directly involved either through children or job role to the school. Locals didn’t turn up, people didn’t randomly come along, I can only presume this was through fear of being noticed as an outcast from any playground “click”.
So I decided to do something about this, I wanted events any woman could invite her whole group of friends along to, a real girls night out without the “night out out” price tag (anyone who has seen Micky Flannagan will know what out out means if not you should so go on YouTube now!)
I set out a plan, I found venues, I put on fabulous nights. Each night I got feedback from stalls and attendees and this only inspired me to go further as word spreads, I’m able to help support more businesses in local areas, I’m able to give more women an affordable, luxurious, pampering night out filed with all the things we love beauty, clothes, Jewllery, stylists, sweets, home items and so much more”

Writing my why for you all has made me smile and once again very excited about the upcoming event, I look forward to sharing photos and blogging all about it for you.

For now though readers I need your help!!!
Post a comment below and help me find fantabulous items that are affordable so I can fill 100 goody bags for the event, I can only afford to do these through local businesses sponsoring so try to think luxury on a budget for me.