Proud Mummy Moment .. My little man can ride his motorbike

I’m already a super proud Mummy of Finley, my very extreme little boy. We already have video footage of a large crash off his push bike (without stabilsisres) after convinicing us he could go down a very large hill! And this summer he has already made me super proud, his rode a BMX track, dropped in on his scooter and done jumps at the skate ramp. But last weekend he rode his motorbike by HIMSELF .. you may be asking why this is such a huge achievement well there are a number of reasons firstly and the main reason is because my son is only 5 and already he has achieved so much and has an interest in sports that are not largely available to his age group or even older age groups in the uk. But with thanks to magazines like dirt bike rider (he was published in this as a baby at the motocross track!) channels like extreme (a must along with the kids channels) meeting people like Chris Birch, Jamie Squibb (as he wants to do freestyle and already knows all the tricks) watching nitro circus, we are lucky we can show him and give him the opportunity to try these sports.

Some people think I’m crazy and don’t get me wrong of course it can be scary but as a positive thinker I believe we install fear in our kids and I want Finley to never be scared and to always believe anything is possible 🙂

When you ask Finley what he wants to be when he grows up he will answer with two possibilities
1. A Super Hero
2. Travis Pastrana
Like I keep telling him, anything is possible 🙂


Age 2-3 practising tricks in the garden

Skateboard Dude

3rd birthday practising with stabilisers on ramp


Age 3 and a bit Riding at the Track with Daddy x

Age 4 Riding the Peewee @ the Track with his Godfather



Showing them how it’s done at the skate ramp age 5 few weeks ago 🙂


Riding PeeWee with Daddy age 5

Riding by himself for the first time on his motorbike 26.08.2012 age 5!

Falling by himself first time 26.08.2012 age 5


More to come soon …. Watch this Space 🙂

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