Day 4 Smile Challenge … Today has been just that a Challenge!

Sorry, I skived off yesterday did my smile challenge before going to bed but found myself smiling lots throughout the day anyway and I got to spend a few hours with my little man and the dog, we went to the local prom and had chips by the river, he played on the pebbles and then scooted through the park to the ramp where I sat and watched him, he makes me so proud, and the puppy was really well behaved too considering there was so many people.

Day 4 hasn’t been so easy, with life’s usual ups and downs smiling can be hard sometimes and it can be tough to keep your chin up when all you’re met with is challenges. I think I take this hard as I try to put on a brave face for too long when really I need to release and let go!

I have managed to do the challenge but found it hard today and stopped early because I was a bit blue and feeling quite judgmental of my appearance and my mood. Instead I used the time to go on ted and find some inspiration & motivation so today I share with you two videos;

The first One is relevant to the challenge and talks all about smiling I loved this is made me both smile and laugh and get myself into a better mood! Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling

The second from a woman who inspires me with her story, her courage and determination. Amy Purdy make me think of the saying “turn that frown upside down!” because when she is met with challenges she knocks them in all directions, someone who believes imaginations are endless and nothing is impossible to get motivated, inspired and make your heart melt a little with her passion watch this Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits

Happy thoughts, night night.

p.s Little man goes back to school tomorrow means I get extra me time between bookings may get to even get in a little meditation along with my smile challenge! #RoutineIsBack


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