My New Challenge … It’s making a difference already!

Okay so Facebook and the way it continually changes has turned out to be a bonus for me. One of my friends liked a post in an event and with that the title got me hooked, always looking for ways to make me feel happier I clicked on Hailies 30 Days of Smiles challenge 🙂 it is a simply fabulous and fun idea. Something that I am now taking part in.

Day 1
As silly as this may sound it’s making a difference already, I find myself smiling at the simplest of things and even today carrying out tasks that normally I would find a chore, I just smiled and got on with them. I was friendly and smiled at strangers too, it’s an amazing feeling to see that smile spread to someone else. So I ask you all to click on the link above and take part, I’ll be sharing on he little snipers of my cheesy grins and things through my day that make me smile too! It’s the little things that make a difference and we don’t realise how many little things are around us to be greatful for! it has also made me laugh at things more and not take things so seriously as well as think I’m a bit of a comedian, I have had random acts of acting like a kid….I LOVE IT!

I also had a really productive day I put that down to the smiles too.


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