Skinny, Fat, Size Zero what’s behind the labels?

Whats the deal with every size being the wrong size its everywhere these days and I felt compelled to write thisafter various Facebook rants and digs at others I decide its pointless instead I’m going to be harsh, speak my mind and put all these labels into perspective.

Curvy beautifulmxoxo

I’m tiny thanks to my flat chested boyish top half I’m an English size 6 (American size 2) and because I’m constantly on the to I’m lucky to have a slim and small size 8 bottom half may I point out at this point though I do have size 7 feet so the wrong shoes can make me look like a golf club or a clown!

I have been unhappy with my figure since my teenage years when the girls I went to school with would rank us based everything, from our chest size, weight, clothing appearance, boyfriends all of it. From me it was humiliating and awful, I wasn’t conscious of my appearance and beauty, I didn’t know or get half the stuff they were talking about because most of it was code and ways to embarrass, exclude and make me feel awful. The worst thing is i thought these people were actually my friends.

Im fortunate now I do have the body I love(and real friends!) but I choose that I choose to stay small, I choose to have a tiny waste and “the gap” (haha) and no curvy women is going to make me feel any less for that. You think I haven’t considered a boob job well of course I have but my man loves my boobs and so do I, you think I haven’t tried to put on weight (to please what others feel the correct size door me!) I could probably eat you under the table but I eat balanced and do things like sit ups when I’m at home. That doesn’t mean you have to it, it is simply what I have to do to stay the way I’m happy. if you are happy and beautiful, you dress confidently and feel a amazing then I for one can honestly say you are so lucky I battled to find that feeling for so long not realising it was all down to me. However if your not happy only you can change that!

three things helped me overcome my body issues; a loving partner who tells me daily I’m gorgeous, I’m lucky we have such an alive and happy relationship after so long together. A BoudoirPhotography shoot with one of my closest friends Carla and finally looking in the mirror daily and noticing the beautiful things about me I like rather than the things I’m not so keen on (we all have hang ups even us boney bitches!)

I love women’s bodies I think they are amazing whatever their size, my point is love your own body don’t try and belittle someone else’s to try and make you feel better about your own, I think your all beautiful and sometimes I snap back out of haste but its never my intention, merely my hurt and pride to protect myself.

Tell people they are beautiful more share the beauty and you will notice it more in yourself.

hugs and kisses



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