Week of Chaos here’s today’s face #FOTD

Sorry I’ve been quiet for over a week, I have had a whirlwind of appointments, meetings, networking, mummy stuff, me stuff and then I hosted my last event of 2014 on Thursday, leaving me totally wiped out yesterday and back and refreshed today.

So this evening I’m curling up on the sofa with a chick flick, indulging in chocolates and catching up on my blog. Think I have a couple of FOTDs to share, all about the event on Thursday and what’s coming in 2015, an experiment I’ve put my nails through and some fun little bits to share.

Anyways here is today’s face, although it looked better with my outfit for work rather than Dans bright red hoody!


Off to stuff my face with galaxy! Be back soon 🙂


Saturday FOTD & Planning Workshops in the sunshine

Ok so as I type this I’m cold and about to reach for a hoody, but it has been sunny today and I have been using the time wisely to sit and prep a fab Autumn Winter Make Up Workshop for Sweet Cheeks Beauty. I love the trends that are being seen on the catwalks and can’t wait to filter them through to help people recreate them into everyday looks and evening glam.

I also got to pamper a princesses nails ready to sparkle on her holiday, I love making little girls feel special.


Today my face of the day inspiration  comes from one of my besties, Charlie. I got to catch up with her today and do her make up a gorgeous smoky blue, Charlie has darker features than me and mesmerising brown eyes, she left looking WOW! Here’s my recreation of the look on me….


Primer Arbonne
Foundation Christian Dior Forever 200
Bronzer Arbonne
Blusher InStain Swiss Dot
Highlighter Kryolan Cashmere (A Full Size in this months GlossyBox)
Eyeshadow Christian Dior Blue 5 colour palette
Eyeliner Arbonne Liquid Liner Black
Brows HD Brows Professional Brow Palette
Lashes Estee Lauder Lash Primer & Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in I ♥ Black
Lips Christian Dior Pretty Pearl from the old Pearlshine Collection


A quick Friday FOTD Beauty

Ok so I’m nearly back to normal.. Not fully there but the blogs are all started. So thought I’d share with you all my Face Of The Day for today a simple look with just 5 products.


Base Supergoop CC cream courtesy of this months Birchbox it’s ok I’ll review it properly this week with my full August Birchbox Blog.
Cheeks Arbonne Bronzer
Brows HD Brow Professional Palette
Eyes Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara I ♥ Black
Lips Laqa and Co Lip Lube in Bees Knees

My day to day make up always has similarities different products but same look so anyone who wants to post any ideas or looks you think I should recreate, post below. If not just like it so iknow you are there xoxo

Face of the Day Friday

Day 5 of me doing face of the day and the product list is long…

Prep Products
Eye Care HD Brows Eye Smoothing Serum & Arbonne Calm Soothing Gel
Lip Care Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips = new fav!!
Face Primer MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base loving the thickness and texture of this primer that disappears to create a smooth even skintone
Eye Primer Absolute New York
Hair Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle this has UV protection so needed on sunny days like today


Make Up Products
Foundation Dior Forever Foundation 020 – was going to use my normal foundation then remembered this sachet is still going! Love it light, glides on silky smooth!
Concealer Arbonne Light concealer just enough coverage without being to thick and creasing under my eyes and helps hiding the bags!!
Bronzer Arbonne just because first one I came to again although was a lot harder to blend compared to others I’d used this week where as I find when used with the Arbonne foundation it works better alongside the optilight technology.
Eye Shadow I used MAC beaded on my whole eye then Bronzer to create a defined effect along the fold of the eyelid and finished with MAC blackberry on the very outer corners. Just something neutral and easy to go with the bright lips!
Eyeliner Eyeko London Skinny mini in black, love love love this it’s like applying Eyeliner using a fine felt tip pen so easy just glides across the lash line
Mascara Laura MĂ©rcier Long Lash
Brows HD Brows Professional Palette
Lipliner NYX Plush Red
Lipstick Bella Pierre Ruby Lipstick, OMG this smooth suturing lipstick is the most perfect shade of pillar box reds with tones that make me feel confident and bubbly this lasts ages as well, 6 hours in fact before I realised I needed a refresher, recieved in my July GlossyBox would highly recommend and my fruwnd Christie who I referred is going to let me try her orange one woop woop!


Perfume Vera Wang Princess I chose this for a number of reasons, it’s Friday and it’s one of my favourites, the waterlily, apple and mandarin make it a perfect light fresh summer fragrance and finally despite the fact I’m 28 my mum and dad still call me princess 👸

Thoughts? What’s your face of the day? Do you share it if so please share your link I’d love to see others

A Sneak Peek Of the Wedding Make-Up from Saturday

So this is just a quick share of the beautiful Bride I got the pleasure of working for this past weekend, Fay was one of the most calm cool and collected brides I think I have ever worked with. I had so much fun with her and all the Bridal party I can’t wait to share more details and photos at a later date.


All that’s left to do for now is wish this gorgeous couple a lifetime of happiness together, congratulations Mr & Mrs O’Grady


Photos courtesy of the very talented Helen at Rowe Studios, UK

Beauty – Make Up Tips to Make It Last All Day

Ok so I put it to the fans of the Sweet Cheeks Beauty Page and asked them what they wanted knowledge, hints or tips with. One of my favourite responses was from my friend Jordan, she put forward something that soooo many of us struggle with; “My MakeUp always seems to come off as the day goes on how can I make it stay?”

So here’s my response and the main bit is nothing to do with make up …. It’s all in the preparation.

Here are my Top Tips for making your make up last all day:

1. Know your skin type and use a Skincare to suit it! This sounds so simple but you would be surprised how many people just think a cleanser is just a cleanser or it doesn’t matter what moisturiser you are applying. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune but its soooo important that you get it right, especially if your skin is slightly oily as this can often make make up slide throughout the day.

2. Keep your skin clean, exfoliated, moisturised and prepared! Clean well maintained skin allows make up to go on effortlessly. My friend who asked this question is like me a busy mummy, who has a lot to juggle so ill also have a blog come up on the 5 minute Skincare routine-keep your eyes peeled!

3. PRIMER PRIMER PRIMER! Primer is one of my personal fav must have products and also a product I sell the most of! It not only helps save on the amount of foundation you are using but creates and even and flawless base to apply it on to. Primer will literally cast new light on your regular make up easing application and helping stay put all day long.
I apply a base coat in every manicure I do, even on myself when I only have 5 minutes, this principal is no different, preparation = better results! I have a blog coming up covering just primers (and I will be reviewing lots not just the one I retail ;))

My top selling product the Arbonne Primer

4. Use BRUSHES! I REPEAT USE BRUSHES! These are tools of the trade and made for a reason, brushes help you apply product with a minimum amount and a flawless finish. I have over 30 brushes (it’s my job – well that’s my excuse!) but you only need the essentials. I would recommend; a good foundation brush, a powder brush, a blush brush, and two eyeshadow brushes (one smaller for definition) I would recommend a lip brush but in reality I know y’all ain’t using no lipbrush straight from the lipstick!

Sweet Cheeks Beauty Brushes (some of them) photograph Carla Guest Photography – she likes snapping my stuff!

5. Use the right foundation for your skin type, not because your friend or a magazine recommended it! If you’re oily, look for words like oil-free or mattifying. Got dry skin? Go for moisturising foundations. For combination skin, determine if you’re more oily or dry and go from there. Cream-to-powder bases work great for combination skin. Mineral foundations work well on all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

6. Use a Translucent setting powder. It’s simply a clear or very lightly tinted face powder that sets and mattifies your face without the added cakeyness (or coverage) of a coloured powder. Brush up against the tiny down hairs on the face (so up from chin to forehead) then brush back down in the opposite direction to set, this also helps blusher and bronzes blend without those dreaded blocked lines.

7. Ok so is your issues with eye make up? If so you need an eye primer there are some fabulous products on the market, I personally love NYX High Definition eyeshadow base but another very popular one is Urban Decay, that’s what I want to try next. It makes your eyeshadow last longer and prevents creasing in the lid. Also, it makes colors seem more vibrant and less translucent. But you have to apply and allow time to dry I normally apply, fan the eyes a bit and leave a minute or two before applying the eyeshadow.

NYX High Definition something I use on clients with slightly oilier lids or who tell me eye make up doesn’t last.

8. Making lips look luscious all day. I personally like applying lipstick all day, it doesn’t take two seconds and I like it looking fresh. However for long lasting lipstick throughout the day, Lip stains or lip fixes do work, they can be fantastic, but only on well looked after lips so a lip balm or conditioner is essential before hand and when you haven’t got any products on.

LOVE red lips – but must be correct tone and shade!

I know to completely fix it in place there are spray fix products you can buy, I can’t tell you how great these are because I haven’t myself tried one and if I’m honest I don’t need to. I use fantastic make up products and that for me is a key part in making my make up last, I go in stores and play with the testers not all of my make up is expensive but it is make up I research, read up on, read other people reviews and that I really like before I part with my pennies.

I hope this does help you in making your make up last, I love sharing all this stuff with you guys, I love that I could answer Jordan’s question and would love to answer yours so if you have any then hit me up either via Facebook, twitter, or post your comments below, be love.yto hear from you!


I love my job, back from team meeting <3

I just got back from a team meeting in a beautiful bar, overlooking a runway of airplanes taking people to jet setting beautiful destinations, talking about products I love whilst drinking a beautiful red wine. Doesn’t that just sound like the dream job?

Tonight I got to meet with one of the most inspiring women I get to work with my Arbonne team leader Pam, she was on a stop over at Heathrow having just flown in from the yearly annual training in Vegas, I was uber excited to see her with all her positive vibes and manner, I traveled up with Sarah who I found so much in common with, so am sure I will be seeing more of her too, yay!

So as well as getting to indulge with two fabulous people I also got to see all the fab new products just launched! Tomorrow I’m going to tell you all about all those luxurious and prestigious products (skincare, haircare and make up!) but as I take my last sip of tea for now I’m off to bed, im shattered, night night!