Today I’m Rocking Purple Eyes #FOTD

So today’s face of the day looks like this…


It has reminded me, that even I get into routines and reach for the same products daily. I don’t play with colour enough anymore, so my mission is to wear a different eysleshadow colour everyday for the next week.

What do you think? How much do you play with colour?


Today’s Make Up looks like this… #FOTD

Morning I went Aldi shopping yesterday (this makes me smile everytime I write it because my other half thinks it’s hilarious to sing “I’m an Aldi shopper” over 50 cents Im a windows shopper haha!)

Anyways there is a point to me telling you this as I’m testing out various make up products from their Lacura range and yesterday grabbed this lippy for a bargain 2 quid!!  It’s more pink than I thought but I’m liking it. I’ll obviously do a full lacura post once I’ve tried a few more bits but for now what do you think?…


Face of the Day using some New Beauty Treats

I’ll review some of these products separately but for now here is my face of the day. Would love to hear your feedback in comments below.

It includes new treats like the Lord & Berry Bronzer I received in this month’s Birchbox, the Lacura eyeshadow pallette that cost £4 from Aldi! and the Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner that I got with December’s very inspirational Feminism issue of Elle Magazine. I recommend you all go grab a copy!


FOTD Saturday and it’s my eldest boys BIRTHDAY!!

This is super short and sweet today I’ll update with all products and links properly tomorrow as today is one of the most important dates of the year… My Finleys Birthday! His 7 and we have an awesome day planned he even helped me with my face of the day photos for today… 


Some fun and silly faces with my big Lil dude! He likes helping me with work…



FOTD Friday

Hey beautiful people it’s Friday…  It’s the start or a new month..tommorow my eldest son is 7!!…and next week I get to be bridesmaid for my bestie I’m so excited it’s going to be AwesomeAugust!

Sorry for delay in today’s post last minute party planning because the venue I was planning to use cancelled and sorting my tax credits which is well anyways.. Make up I have some on my face, this is what I used today and then under is what I look like before (ahhhhhhh 😨) and after 😜

Products used
Primer MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base I’ve been loving this for weeks and you can get a free tester at the moment as they are giving them away again on their Facebook page
Foundation Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation same as yesterday love how this and Bronzer just easy and quick to grab and go together
Bronzer Arbonne Bronzing Powder
Eyeshadow Alima Pure loose luminous shimmer Eyeshadow in Chai

Ok so the next two products Christie git in her Glossybox (my boxes made her subscribe lol) and now we try each others products it makes it even more exciting…

Mascara Tarte Lights Camera Lashes 4 in 1 Mascara available through qvc this mascara is ok Christie loves it I’m not blown away bit it does have added benefits of being dermatologist tested and clinically proven to increase appalearance of lash volume
Lipstick Bella Pierre Cosmetics Lipstick in Mandarina I adore the texture of this lipstick in the Ruby shade I have and love this is a gorgeous summer blast of brightness and I adore it not an everyday shade but definitely one to start the month with boom


A bright start to the month? What have you got planned to make your August Awesome?

FOTD Thursday feeling BRIGHT!

So today I have a new wrangle dress and I love to contrast so I’ve gone for bright pink lips and some natural eyes

Starts like this..


Then using these..
Foundation Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation in BUFF love the wayvshe uses opti-light technology to make me feel flawless and then this…
Bronzer Arbonne… Defines perfectly and blends smoothly over the top
Blusher So Susan Universal Blush to apples of my cheeks love the shimmer brick style effect of this tonal blush
Eyeshadow some naturals in a Ruby and Millie old pallette I’m neve roofing to ever be able to use up!
Mascara Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara in black love this especially after lash curlers it’s a fab mascara
Brows HD Brows Professional Brow Palette to fill in my gaps 😉
Lips a combination of Bobbi Brown Artstick Bright Raspberry toned down by NYX Gloss in Natural

To Create This…


Thoughts? Do you like to contrast? As always like and comment below nice to know you’re out there

FOTD Wednesday looking Dench

My bin men asked me at 7am how I can say that smiling (as I put out my bins in my marvel pj’s!! Haha!!) but I’m bouncing back after a weird day yesterday and as I said to him, the sun is shining it’s a nice day what’s not to smile about?

Now just on that happy buzz I’ve done my make up, blogged for u guys, enjoyed a cuppa in the garden and I’ve listened to YouTube videos all morning that make me laugh.  Including loads by Lethal Bizzle which is where I got my title from!  Dench is a descriptive word in the dictionary as well as STAY DENCH being a brand!  I like using the word and I really want Bizzle and Frimpong to bring out a Girls range because all the Ts are unisex and I don’t want Dan to get all moody when his looks more Dench on me!

Anyways I digress my make up today started like this


Used these

Prep products
Eyes Arbonne Calm Soothing Eye Gel
Lips Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips
Primer MAC Prep & Prime Skin Base
Cuticle Oil Nails Inc Vitamin E oil pen

Make Up Used
Foundation trying a new sample from Une Natural Beauty, Skin Glow Foundation in G08
Bronzer Arbonne Bronzing Powder
Blusher a coral colour from an old Ruby and Millie palette brand doesn’t exist anymore which is such a shame I loved them
Eyeshadow Lancome Colour Focus Duo Thelma et Louise
Mascara Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara in black
Brow Powder HD Brow Professional Palette using ash blonde
Lipstick Arbonne Lipstick in Candy

To create this finished look.


What do you think? What product would you like to try?
Back later with my Wednesday Wishlists

The start of week 2. FOTD Monday

So today’s face of the day a little late it’s been a morning of housework and sorting through tons of stuff and rolling round the floor with my 6 month old baby 🙂


Products Used
Foundation it’s the final day using Dior Forever Foundation in 020 I’ll do a full review this week but I have loved it everyday it will be missed!
Blusher Arbonne blush in Dusty Rose this is my go to blush I love it
Eye Primer Absolute New York the eyeshadow palette I used really needs a primer underneath and this is my fav at the mo
Eye Shadow Bourjois Smoky eyes Bleu Rock mehhhh without primer this would be a wash out and just blend off and with primer it is a lot tougher to move a blend. This was a bargain this weekend though so don’t mind too much
Mascara Arbonne It’s A Long Story Mascara live this doesn’t smudge, wand makes it easy to apply, it’s a luscious thick black and makes this Eyeshadow look semi ok
Lipstick ModelCo Party Proof in Kitty love this it’s matt but has a shine that make it look glossy without the stickiness and a moisturising feel that keeps making me rub my lips together (it’s ol doesn’t make it come off!!) I love this as a day to day lippy ♥


FOTD Light Smokey Sunday Make Up

Spending the day with my man so a simple subtle grey blend over my eyes with Eyeliner and lots of lovely baby pink lipstick for a light glossy touch to a sunny Sunday.


Moisturiser Embryolisse, this moisturiser does absolutely wonders for my skin, I recieved it in my June Brazil Birchbox, and think it’s going to be a must purchase, not many moisturisers make this much difference to my skin and I think it’s extremely affordable too.
Primer MAC Prep & Prime I’ve been going mad for this primer and it’s creamy texture all week! I got this sample from following a link on MACs Facebook page.
Eyeshadow Primer Absolute New York really rating this primer on its own and as a base so far I think it’s the least oily and noticeable when I have it on. I recieved this in my June GlossyBox
Foundation Dior Forever 020 this sample is seeming to last a long time proof that with the right prep under your make up only a very little is needed.
Blusher a combination of a sample size blush InStain in which has a really bold colour with a lighter Arbonne blush circling the apples just to soften the look
Bronzer Arbonne just a little to add slight definition
Eyeshadows from a Dior grey and black 5 colour palette this is old stock but I find most shades are repeated through various palettes
Eyeliner Eyeko London this done the first eye perfectly but was dry and really dragged on the second one thing I’ve noted with this tip is it’s hard to see what’s about to or not about to come out.
Mascara curled lashes and Dior Extase for a more dramatic lash
Lipstick Thomas Sabo this is so soft light and pretty, it was a present from Christie we both love everything Thomas Sabo, my skull necklace in all my pics is by them and I also have a charm bracelet and perfumes I want so much in that shop I considered getting a job there as well as running all my stuff!! The link above is for the beauty page but it doesn’t look like they have it, you can always call the Bluewater store as I write this I know they have it in stock I saw it in their the other day 😉
Hair just to add a slight volume I just popped some sleep in rollers in anyhow just to add a bit of oomph

Less products today just for an easy yet pretty day make up. Especially as I dont actually know what we are doing yet 😉

FOTD Face of the Day Saturdays Make Up

Ahh Saturday it’s the weekend so I thought I’d play with bright colours and false lashes! I also had another go with the BeautyBlender I got in my June Brazil Birchbox it’s growing on me the more I play and try it, although I still feel like I’m using a lot more foundation then normal even after thoroughly soaking and drying out the Beauty Blender.


So today’s FOTD was created using;
Primer MAC Prep & Prime
Lip Care Dr Lipps original nipple balm for lips
Foundation Dior Forever Fluid Foundation 020
Concealer Arbonne Light
Blusher an old palette of pinks by Dior you get lots of different brands do this style, I used the deepest shade where I normally have Bronzer the two mid pinks on the Apple of my cheeks and the pale highlighter under brows and top of cheekbones
Eyeliner Eyeko skinny mini just to have Eyeliner close to the lash line in case of any gaps when applying lashes
Mascara Laura Mércier Long Lash mascara black just to keep my own lashes thin and lengthened so they blend in with the false lashes I’m applying, after yesterday don’t think I’d wear on its own again really doesn’t do a lot when compared to the advances you can get in Mascaras now.
Lashes LA Luxe These were given to me by a friend who sells these lashes and I like them although the style I have is a lot less natural then I originally thought and far too long for a general day time look.  For night time glam they are fabulous stand out eye popping lashes, they are super glossy, they kept their shape really nicely along the lash line making them easy to apply and they are usable up to 25 times if cared for correctly. Oh and they are natural handmade mink fur lashes, that their says so much! Think I need to order in some more styles 🙂
Lips NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Strawberry Jam, creamy bright and summery perfect for a super Sunny Saturday I love it!


Do you like trying different lashes? Make sure you share your blogs and FOTD below, I love seeing everyone else’s blogs too