Happiness the easy way to beat “Bad Luck”

Ahh today has been manic you know juggling mummy hood, my own business, working and managing other projects is pretty hard going and times i feel like pulling my hair out. But then I remember why I’m doing it, I set myself some bigger goals for my future.

Photo courtesy of Marketing Artfully

You see I have a million reasons I could sit here and tell you why I can’t do it, I could use a hundred hard life experiences I have had to go through (and some of them were really life altering!) but I choose not to be a victim of my circumstances or of my “bad luck”. Instead I embrace all the wonderful stuff, everyday as much as I can I find things to smile about (you’d be surprised how many people look at you funny when your smiling for no reason). And don’t for one second be fooled into thinking this comes easy, this shize is hard to do! But things you work hard for are always worth it!

So along with my usual ramblings on my blog and of course my beauty updates I’m going to start telling you little ways I stay positive, ill tell you about books I read and tips I learn along the way I will tell you little places I find joy or inspiration and ill share all this because I want you to have it too. Everyone deserves joy out of everyday, everyone deserves to smile and be happy I choose to embrace this where I can, that doesn’t mean I don’t loose that momentum, it doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally slip and have a “bad” morning or let loose and have a proper princess tantrum of course I do but the good outweighs the bad so something’s working right? 🙂



4 responses

    • We are definatly the luckiest but uts not just working at “work” its working at being happy and taking some time for ourselves too!

      Thank you for sharing your images, I love your work (its all the things in my head but made to look beautiful!!) and so will continue to use it when I can and will always send the credit and other people back to you!!

      Hope your having a fabulous day!

      • What to say about this luck thing? I have always been up at 4:30 am I work hard 46 hours a week .I have a positive out look on life. But end up with bad luck? Smiling or not? Nothing has worked for me ..I’m clean cut attractive non smoker. I give my money to my church weekly. Had a bad marriage. I was once told hard work pays off ? Yeah right ?. When?

      • Oh I know this feeling too well and really do feel for you and understand exactly where you was when you wrote this, I do hope you are feeling in a happier place have a read of my latest post about opening my beauty room just explains some changes I had to ace up to and make xoxo

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