A Random Share of Card Reading & My Challenge Ahead

Ok so tonight I done myself an angel card reading, it is just something I like to do every so often and the card I drew tonight was this….

I found this really great and reassuring as tomorrow I am beginning on my first “course” of meditation. It is a 21 day meditation programme with Deepak Chopra if you click in that link, there is still time to sign up. I’m really looking forward to taking part and after receiving my email tonight have prepared myself for the programme.

Set the intention for what you wish the next 21 days will bring into your life. As it is a programme for abundance that’s what I have based my intentions around, I’d like to point out at this point abundance does not just mean financial riches
– I would like to create abundance of love, health, wealth and happiness for my family.
– I would like to appreciate and take in all the little details, for this is where the true abundance of life lies.
– I would like to attract abundance into my business and educational decisions
– I would like to feel relaxed and revived.
– i would like to notice a transformation of positivity in myself, more positive and to have a positive effect on those around me.

Let others in your life know how important meditation is to you and ask that they respect the time you’ve set aside for yourself. – so I’m going to do it as soon as Finley is in bed and tell dan I’m having some me time!

Check your email daily. – this is going to be tough but all part of the programme I have a busy week though (a Pamper with a Purpose for British Heart Foundation Thursday) so may have to do a morning/afternoon check!

If you miss a day of meditation, be gentle with yourself and then resume your daily practice-it’s dans 30th birthday Tuesday so I’m going I try and get up early to squeeze my meditation in (and let him have a lay in!)

So quick go log on here take part with me and let me know how you are preparing and be sure to stay in touch along the way!


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