Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish

So featured in Last week’s #Mondaymanicure I’m just about to take my Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish off and thought I’d give you a quick run down.


I’m bored of the colour after a week but I think it’s lasted amazingly; it may be gel effect but it is essential a nail polish for home use! I have been decorating that’s how I smudged the ring finger, I have been doing beauty treatments, tidied my house ready for the birthday party, entertained 14 kids at finleys 7th birthday, tidied up the house after the party and daily housework and cleaning plus running round like a nut most the time oh and a trip to the coast!

It’s chipped but I’m a pain in the arse nail picker (if you are one of my clients this does not mean I allow you to do that follow my aftercare advice!) Anyway this polish won’t pick my thumbs been chipped for 3 days and no matter how hard I sit a chip away at it, it won’t budge I’m impressed but also slightly frustrated at the same time haha!

The shine and depth of colour hasn’t lasted as much a simple would expect an actual gel polish too, but I could of topped up on top coat mid week if I had the time or wanted to rejuvenate the shine!

I have steered clear of nails inc for a while because I was really dissapointed with the overall performance a few years ago. Have you tried them lately what were your thoughts? I’m impressed and may have to book an appointment to go see what else they have on offer 💅



Thanks You I won Grazia Magazines #MondayManicure Competition

Just wanted to say to everyone who liked my post last week and went ahead and voted for me in the Grazia Manicure Monday Competition thank you so much I am hugely grateful as I won with these beautiful textured french nails using OPI Liquid Sand in Solitaire and Pussy Galore.


I have a box of Nails Inc goody’s winging there way to me, I’ll be sure to share a blog about it and indulge you all in the products too.