Timeless Truth A Face Mask With a Difference

So the first product I tried from the Antonia Mariconda How To Be Your Own PR Workshop goody bags is the Timeless Truth Bio-Cellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen Mask. A pure Beauty Awards Silver Award Winner, I was really excited to test and review this indulgent mask…until I realised the highly attractive pictures I’m going to have to share with you all for the full blog experience!!


The masks come in individual packets and the minute I tear the top off mine the smell of fresh apples hits me, gloriously crisp and fresh. You remove the meshy protectors either side of the mask and then begin to position from chin up. I did find it a little tricky but none the less a little repositioning and its comfortably in place all be it a little bumpy…


Note the excess rolled under my eyes actually goes over your eyes which is really cooling and something you don’t normally see with a mask I just couldn’t take a pic!

The Product Info
⭐Bio-Cellulose Mask Range – ultimate state of the anti-ageing skincare.
⭐Bio-Cellulose is a nano scopic fibre luxury mask, which for the wearer means it matches super close with the human body and can get deeper into the skin without blocking or making it feel suffocated.
⭐Apple Stem Cells work similarly to human skin cells which means they help repair any damaged tissue whilst stimulating and nourishing the skin.
⭐Marine Collagen -Reduces dehydration, promoting elasticity and a more youthful supple appearance. ⭐

My Thoughts
Well my 7 year old said “Mummy you look freaky” and my other half once he had stopped laughing quickly got his phone out to take a pic! For me the mask was a little tricky and as a therapist I think it would be a lot more enjoyable in a salon experience and having someone apply it for you whilst your laying down and nicely relaxed. I however was sat in front of a mirror with my son laughing, wearing a fleecey lounging jumper, trying to apply it myself with as few bumps as possible.

Once on it felt quenching, fresh and firmly in place, once removed and the excess rubbed in there was a noticeable difference, even to the point I ran to the other half after he had laughed at me and proudly said “Now feel my face”. He too could see a difference and all of a sudden took an interest in what I’d actually been using. My skin and complexion also looked brighter and more radiant.


I did notice a slight break out the next day but it’s been 2 weeks since my last face mask and having the time to pamper myself, so it’s probably to be expected. My skin does still feel super hydrated though.

I’ve been using the excess serum in the sachet (that I had wrapped & placed in the fridge) to massage in my hands and cuticles as I sit and watch TV. The coldness where it’s been in the fridge makes it feel even more crisp and fresh, now my hands are all pampered and smooth too.

The masks are available to purchase from The Beauty Mask website this particular one is £7.90 there is a whole range available and I think it’s definitely worth knowing what your skin needs before picking one for you. I am undecided on what one to try next either Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask or The Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask, my skin is tired the baby is teething and I’ve had early starts a lot the last few weeks so it’s all showing in my skin.


July Stars & Stripes All American Glossybox


As this is just my second Glossybox you can imagine my delight when I opened up July’s Stars & Stripes GlossyBox. Last month’s Pretty Pink June Box had left me pleasantly surprised but this box packed full of over £50 of full size American favourites was AH-mazzzing. Everything about this box was perfect, delivery time, presentations (fab as always every detail to the highest standard), the info with the products (although I miss the mini mag) the size of the products and what they were…


Absolute New York Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer & Mary Kay Mascara I ♥ Black I’m adoring what both these products do to my eyes. I have tested the primer against other competitor brandw this week and it really stands out for me. It’s can be used on its own to lift and even tone or as a base under Eyeshadow to enhance colour and and male that colour last. The mascara has a small brush but creates a big effect of my eyes the small brush allows me to get in close to the lash line and lift from the root, it’s adds the prefect amount of volume and length to make my little lashes more noticeable. Loving this mascara! (See more pics FOTD Tuesday)


Carmex I was really looking forward to relying this it’s a packaging everyone recognises and is known for how fab it is. Unfortunately not the case for me,  don’t like the tingling sensation, my lips are already plump bit what really put me off was the blister is caused on my lip it didn’t turn into anything but needless to say wasn’t very attractive the few hours I did have it!

Bella Pierre Lipstick in Ruby this rich really red really gives the wow factor and lasts 5-6 hours too. It’s formulated from mineral pigments and natural waxes and a steal at just £9.99
(see more pics FOTD Friday)

I am really rating Glossybox and know I got lucky signing up another right time, if they still have July boxes available even if you only subscribe for one month it would be so so worth getting it!!

I hope you like my beauty box shares and review, what boxes do you subscribe to? What do you think the best product is I recieved in this box?


P.S I have passed the nails on to one of my Sweet Cheeks Beauty clients to review for me at home only because my nails are too long for the ones I had sent

Birchbox May Products for in the Shower!

Ok so I told you here I was going to pamper myself using my delightful treats from Mays Birchbox …. Well I did and then I used them some more and then squeezed the last possible drops and product out of each little tube.

Revive Morning Bath & Shower Gel

Oh my goodness I don’t think I have ever fallen in love with a product as quickly as I did this. For a tiny bottle it packed so much fragrance the moment I removed the lid, the oil fragranced my body and really did lift and revive! With blends of rosemary, juniper and grapefruit it’s specially blended to invigorate your mind and body, getting your day off to the right start.


It moved over my skin leaving it feeling nourished and smooth and the results remained long after the shower and into the day. There were clear visible benefits too, my skin had a subtle luminosity and glow without any greasy feeling, it looked refreshed and luminous.
Oh my god just talking to you about this product makes me fall in love all over again and more than upset I have run out!

Protect & Condition Shampoo & Conditioner


Ok, so the day before I tried this luscious product I had bleach foils in my hair and even though my hairdresser at Jaxx is one of the best around and truly knows my hair and so mixes colours accordingly it does still take it’s toll and I’m no cheap skate when it comes to hair products to look after my locks!
Having used this shampoo and conditioner for 10 days now, washing every 2 days my hair has stayed clean, silky and feeling strong. My hair brush doesn’t feel like it’s tearing through my fine tresses plus it’s easy to style and add volume. With a UV protection, on the days unlike today when there has been sunshine I know my hair has been looked after and colour protected.
Plus it smells yummy too!

Cleanse & Polish

So I don’t cleanse in the shower,  I wait until I have panda eyes after I have jumped out, then cleanse my face.  This cleanser is amazing for that final refreshed and ready to go feeling. This is a product I have mentioned before that to me is the benchmark of what all cleansers are trying to achieve, it is multi award winning (over 100!) and deservedly so.


Even though I have a travel size, in a tube it’s beautiful botanical blend in a creamy formula would be dispensed from the pump of the bottle to just the perfect amount. With water it lathers onto skin starting the first phase of the cleansing routine removing all traces of make up, daily build up and even my panda eyes! Then the second phase using the muslin cloth to gently cleanse that bit deeper removing any remains impurities or flakes and leaving that really squeaky clean new skin feel, it’s beautiful everytime!

Ok I’m off to indulge again, writing all this has made me need to!!

Don’t forget these products are only a snippet of what was contained in my May Birchbox did you see my Soigne nail polish review? You can subscribe too, just £10+p&p per month here’s the link we both earn points if you do we can spend them on more indulgent beauty treats!