#MondayManicure The Sky’s my Limit Mustang Blue

Honestly didn’t look at the name of this polish until after painting my nails, but it’s apt as after today’s Monday morning motivation I’m doing as I promised and making a start to big plans and changes for my businesses.

Anyhow…NAILS!! How devine is this shimmering blue, it’s called Sky’s the Limit and is part of a limited edition Mustang collection created with OPI.


I keep smiling at my nails as I type, I picked this colour today not because it goes with my outfit (it doesn’t I’m wearing pink polka dots!) but I was doing some blog photos using my HUGE nails polish collection (for something fun coming up later today) and this was just one of the many I havent worn yet.

What do you think? What colour are you rocking on this fine Monday morning?



Monday Manicures Me & My Great Aunt

Love spending time with my Great Aunt and after my airy fairy moping morning there was no way better to laugh and get myself back in track than spending some time with my Great Aunt and giving her a nice mani to make her feel good.


What do you think? all it is on her nails is a nice neutral OPI nail envy in pink, with avoplex cuticle oil and moisturised with L’Occitane hand cream because it’s her favourite!


Then there is mine I was feeling adventurous so combined Minx on the ring finger with a Christmas shade of OPI Gelcolor, I Carol About You.

What look you sporting for your #MondayManicure?  I’d love to see share your links below


A nice bright Monday Manicure to start the month

Morning… My nails were painted on Friday at the amazing Birchbox Manithon event, and they still looking fresh and pretty to leave on for another day. But I did break one nail so, so annoying. I love bright nails especially as the sunshine is so sporadic at the moment.

The colour is by Models Own and called Beach Bag




What are your nails looking like on this sunny Monday as we start off a Sensational September?  xoxo

Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish

So featured in Last week’s #Mondaymanicure I’m just about to take my Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish off and thought I’d give you a quick run down.


I’m bored of the colour after a week but I think it’s lasted amazingly; it may be gel effect but it is essential a nail polish for home use! I have been decorating that’s how I smudged the ring finger, I have been doing beauty treatments, tidied my house ready for the birthday party, entertained 14 kids at finleys 7th birthday, tidied up the house after the party and daily housework and cleaning plus running round like a nut most the time oh and a trip to the coast!

It’s chipped but I’m a pain in the arse nail picker (if you are one of my clients this does not mean I allow you to do that follow my aftercare advice!) Anyway this polish won’t pick my thumbs been chipped for 3 days and no matter how hard I sit a chip away at it, it won’t budge I’m impressed but also slightly frustrated at the same time haha!

The shine and depth of colour hasn’t lasted as much a simple would expect an actual gel polish too, but I could of topped up on top coat mid week if I had the time or wanted to rejuvenate the shine!

I have steered clear of nails inc for a while because I was really dissapointed with the overall performance a few years ago. Have you tried them lately what were your thoughts? I’m impressed and may have to book an appointment to go see what else they have on offer 💅


Monday Manicure

So a few weeks back no I won the Grazia Monday Manicure competition…


I won an amazing nails inc set worth £50…


And tonight after a long day catching up indoors and decorating I used my Nails inc prize to create my Monday Manicure…


What do you think it’s a gorgeous summer colour, I’ll add a daylight pic in the morning.

Products Used
Nails Inc Caviar Base Coat
Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in Kensington Passage
Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat

I’ll do full review of the products this week as loads of product updates getting down to the nitty gritty are coming together

Mondays blogs are on their way…

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Don’t think I’m bailing after one week guys, I’m not out until later so I’m a bare faced beauty whilst I get organised indoors, play with the baby and set up my bloglovin page… Could take a while. Anyway will update you with Monday manicures, motivation and the face of the day later on

Monday Manicure Red OPI by Gwen Stefani

Not gonna lie,  I love Gwen a little bit too much, I think she is amazeballs in all that she does and she is an extreme chick with style, plus she spells her surname how I spell my first name although mines said like the average stephanie not stef-arnie!

Anyways I diverse it’s Monday (I still have just over an hour left of Monday!) I have to manicure my nails today I chose this amazing box set including the red Over and Over A-Gwen by OPI created by Gwen Stefani it’s awesome!
It’s a strong red and the nail art all be it fiddly is edgy and gets people being creative with their own nails. I think this is worth every penny and would recommend over and over a-gwen. Haha ♥


Check it out tell me what you think by liking and commenting below xoxo

Monday Manicure OPI liquid sands


Wouldn’t be a Monday without a new manicure, I purchased these two lovely OPI Liquid Sand polishes on my beauty haul this weekend.
I also won Grazias MondayManicure competition last week, using a white a pink liquid sand from OPI

The liquid sand polishes are a bit like the shatters…  and marmite!  You either love them or hate them and whilst I can take or leave shatters I adore the liquid sand texture.
These two colours are Emotions a black from the Mariah Carey Christmas Collection and My Current Crush a beautiful magenta like purple that comes in a textured duo set with top coat.

How are your nails looking today would love to see your #MondayManicures be sure to tweet me xoxo

Monday Manicure and Its in the Grazia Daily Comp!

So my Monday manicure I tweeted earlier has been featured in the grazia daily #MondayManicure competition. Please vote for my textured French polish by selecting SweetCheeks_Se and clicking vote, it’s that simple no need to register any details.

What do you think?