My #FOTD for the weekend

Hey so im sticking to my guns on this whole eyeshadow malarkey, I did wear make up over the weekend but I didn’t have time to blog and only just remembered to take pics on my way to work #CarSelfie


On Saturday (top pics) I wore a kind of lilac grey from an old Dior 5 colour palette and then Sunday I wore Estee Lauder khaki and smoked outer edges with a really dark charcoal.  What I have noticed is people are more aware of my eyes as a feature where I’m varying from the normal bronze shades I normally wear, I’m enjoying playing with colour.



Today I’m Rocking Purple Eyes #FOTD

So today’s face of the day looks like this…


It has reminded me, that even I get into routines and reach for the same products daily. I don’t play with colour enough anymore, so my mission is to wear a different eysleshadow colour everyday for the next week.

What do you think? How much do you play with colour?

Face of the Day using some New Beauty Treats

I’ll review some of these products separately but for now here is my face of the day. Would love to hear your feedback in comments below.

It includes new treats like the Lord & Berry Bronzer I received in this month’s Birchbox, the Lacura eyeshadow pallette that cost £4 from Aldi! and the Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner that I got with December’s very inspirational Feminism issue of Elle Magazine. I recommend you all go grab a copy!


Monday Manicures Me & My Great Aunt

Love spending time with my Great Aunt and after my airy fairy moping morning there was no way better to laugh and get myself back in track than spending some time with my Great Aunt and giving her a nice mani to make her feel good.


What do you think? all it is on her nails is a nice neutral OPI nail envy in pink, with avoplex cuticle oil and moisturised with L’Occitane hand cream because it’s her favourite!


Then there is mine I was feeling adventurous so combined Minx on the ring finger with a Christmas shade of OPI Gelcolor, I Carol About You.

What look you sporting for your #MondayManicure?  I’d love to see share your links below


The First Hugely Successful Build A Beauty Blog Workshop by Award Winning Antonia Mariconda & Inspiring Guests


Ever need an inspirational kick up the bum? (like a really big one). That’s exactly what I got today on The Build A Beauty Blog Workshop hosted by Antonia Mariconda, The Cosmedic Coach.

I haven’t posted in a while I’d lost my blogging mojo, my direction and if I’m honest, I’d lost faith in myself slightly. I felt frustrated, like I wasn’t getting anywhere and like I just wanted to give up. Then today as I sat in The Soho Hotel, tucked a few streets away from the main hustle and bustle of London, listening to Antonia, I realised just how hard she has worked to get her 20k blog followers over the last 6 years. I heard her tell tales of the times it had been testing, trying and even Antonia, (someone I aspire to) made mistakes and what’s more she was happy to share them with a room full of 40 bloggers, hanging on her every word so we could all learn from them. Of course there is a lot more good then bad when Antonia is involved; we talked about style, (she oozes it!) identity, incorporating social media, (she has 40k twitter followers!) being an ambassador, confidence, disclaimers, making money through blogs, and everything inbetween the 3 hours were packed full but flew past all at once!

She wasn’t on her own presenting the workshop she introduced us to the genius “Techy Guy” Mark Bugg who gave us all the best tips to master the behind the scenes tech and visual on screen importance of our blogs, I’m hoping to use some of his tips to make some tweaks for the better!

We also got to meet the articulately spoken (i could listen to her speak all day) Jenny Pabila of Niche PR, with a history working in PR for big brands. Now a Freelance PR who was able to give us insider knowledge and advice about making PR Contacts, the relationships between PR & bloggers (it’s not as scary as i thought) and how to make someone pick me as a blogger over the other millions out there! As well as that she added an inspirational twist that was right up my positive hippy street she talked about the power of smiling and she saw faith in all of us there “In ten years from now you will be the people who do things others want to”.


All of this awesomeness and I haven’t even told you about the goody bags …. OMG Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, there is that much in THEM that its a whole new post, tomorrow, I promise.

For now I need to get some beauty sleep I’m a make up artist for a photoshoot tomorrow, 8.30 on a Sunday morning, lucky I love my job!

Have you been on a course or sat in on a speaker that really motivated you? I’d love to her about it in the comments below xoxo

Special Delivery July Birchbox


As always a cute Birchbox with a varied selection of lovely products, although mainly hair and body products meaning I can’t actually show the results in pictures, just waffle a lot about them!


Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
I adore the smell of this range and love the richness of this cream that disappears into skin, dark shadows are diminished by the chamomile & Cucumber oils and witch hazel, using ring finger to pat gently around the area cares for delicate skin, prevents dragging (which causes wrinkles) and the patting motion increases circulation and lymphatic drainage aiding the cream in helping hide the bags.

Weleda Nourishing Shampoo
I used this once, I’m a person who picks by my sense of smell a lot and this is not a smell I would be picking my hair to smell like, in fact it’s rather gross. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t do what it says on the tin or that someone else wouldn’t think it’s totally gorgeous, I just can’t use it long enough to find out 🙂

Gilchrist & Soames
A nice fresh citrus fragrance, this luxury light foamy sea kelp mineral foam also contains therapeutic marine nutrients. I used this as a shower gel, was alright but would probably be much more luxurious in a bath (but I’m a mum, a blogger, a writer and running a beauty room baths are just that a luxury a 5 minute shower and even then it’s normally the 5 min someone turns a tap on or needs the loo!)

Whish Lavender Body Butter
Moisturises skin perfectly leaving it feeling rich and nourished without having to apply too much product, it smells nice of lavender, not something I’m head over heels for but its subtle and fresh, plus my skin isn’t left feeling greasy, woulf recommend.

Ultra Dex
Retardex rebranded, sensible huh!?! Unusual lifestyle essential included in this months box, but I love it. The clean mint flavour is sugar and alcohol free. It’s perfect for me before clients or meetings to just have a freshen up, especially as I drink so much tea I’m always worried I’ll have teachers breath! This handy spray pops straight in any handbag or make up bag, or handy to have in the car.


Laqa & Co Lip Lube
I love this I’ve used it so much since receiving this box, the colours perfect for summer, it’s quick and easy to apply, perfect for my handbag, soft in texture and featured in a few blogs already! (5 minute make up, Face Of the Day)

Like the look of Birchbox then subscribe through me here we both get £5 to spend in the Birchbox shop, you can earn extra just by answering surveys on the products you recieve. I have now got  £30 to spend I’m going to treat myself to a gorgeous Laundry & Co perfume I have fallen in love with!