Timeless Truth A Face Mask With a Difference

So the first product I tried from the Antonia Mariconda How To Be Your Own PR Workshop goody bags is the Timeless Truth Bio-Cellulose Apple Stem Cell Collagen Mask. A pure Beauty Awards Silver Award Winner, I was really excited to test and review this indulgent mask…until I realised the highly attractive pictures I’m going to have to share with you all for the full blog experience!!


The masks come in individual packets and the minute I tear the top off mine the smell of fresh apples hits me, gloriously crisp and fresh. You remove the meshy protectors either side of the mask and then begin to position from chin up. I did find it a little tricky but none the less a little repositioning and its comfortably in place all be it a little bumpy…


Note the excess rolled under my eyes actually goes over your eyes which is really cooling and something you don’t normally see with a mask I just couldn’t take a pic!

The Product Info
⭐Bio-Cellulose Mask Range – ultimate state of the anti-ageing skincare.
⭐Bio-Cellulose is a nano scopic fibre luxury mask, which for the wearer means it matches super close with the human body and can get deeper into the skin without blocking or making it feel suffocated.
⭐Apple Stem Cells work similarly to human skin cells which means they help repair any damaged tissue whilst stimulating and nourishing the skin.
⭐Marine Collagen -Reduces dehydration, promoting elasticity and a more youthful supple appearance. ⭐

My Thoughts
Well my 7 year old said “Mummy you look freaky” and my other half once he had stopped laughing quickly got his phone out to take a pic! For me the mask was a little tricky and as a therapist I think it would be a lot more enjoyable in a salon experience and having someone apply it for you whilst your laying down and nicely relaxed. I however was sat in front of a mirror with my son laughing, wearing a fleecey lounging jumper, trying to apply it myself with as few bumps as possible.

Once on it felt quenching, fresh and firmly in place, once removed and the excess rubbed in there was a noticeable difference, even to the point I ran to the other half after he had laughed at me and proudly said “Now feel my face”. He too could see a difference and all of a sudden took an interest in what I’d actually been using. My skin and complexion also looked brighter and more radiant.


I did notice a slight break out the next day but it’s been 2 weeks since my last face mask and having the time to pamper myself, so it’s probably to be expected. My skin does still feel super hydrated though.

I’ve been using the excess serum in the sachet (that I had wrapped & placed in the fridge) to massage in my hands and cuticles as I sit and watch TV. The coldness where it’s been in the fridge makes it feel even more crisp and fresh, now my hands are all pampered and smooth too.

The masks are available to purchase from The Beauty Mask website this particular one is £7.90 there is a whole range available and I think it’s definitely worth knowing what your skin needs before picking one for you. I am undecided on what one to try next either Herbal Rejuvenation Immortelle Mask or The Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask, my skin is tired the baby is teething and I’ve had early starts a lot the last few weeks so it’s all showing in my skin.


#MondayManicure The Sky’s my Limit Mustang Blue

Honestly didn’t look at the name of this polish until after painting my nails, but it’s apt as after today’s Monday morning motivation I’m doing as I promised and making a start to big plans and changes for my businesses.

Anyhow…NAILS!! How devine is this shimmering blue, it’s called Sky’s the Limit and is part of a limited edition Mustang collection created with OPI.


I keep smiling at my nails as I type, I picked this colour today not because it goes with my outfit (it doesn’t I’m wearing pink polka dots!) but I was doing some blog photos using my HUGE nails polish collection (for something fun coming up later today) and this was just one of the many I havent worn yet.

What do you think? What colour are you rocking on this fine Monday morning?


My 2 Most Used Products from Antonia Maricondas Build A Beauty Blog Goody Bags!

Check me out two posts already on a Monday morning!  The Monday Morning Motivation is obviously working!

I loved all over everything about Antonia Maricondas Build A Beauty Blog workshop, you can read about it here. The goody bags were jam packed we were well and truly spoilt! I’ve been working my way through all the products whilst settling back into work after maternity leave, but just wanted to share the two products I have used most so far.


Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Creme

What it says on the bottle; Soap Free formula, dissolves make up and impurities, lightly hydrates soothes and conditions.

And it does do all of that, with cotton pads it removes all my layers of make up and daily life plus whatever Freddie (the baby) throws at me! I’m lazy though I want something that does it all and as I found out before I read the packaging YOU CANT USE THIS ON YOUR EYES so me scrubbing away at my panda eyes resulted in 30 seconds of blurred vision, 😂 that will teach me!

What I love about this though it’s a product that says suitable for sensitive skin and it actually is suitable for MY  sensitive skin! I have to be so careful I can normally guess by smell or first contact if a product is going to react on my skin, this cleansing creme glides on, no annoying fragrance, leaves my Skin refreshed and hydrated.

How Much £29.50
Where To Purchase

Rajeunir Moisture Serum

This smooth silky serum slides over the skin and leaves a moisturised barrier feeling to the skin all day.

I liked this product immediately, it promised to save me time as it delivers the benefits of my serum, moisturiser, eye cream, night cream and primer all rolled into one, It balances skin during hormonal changes – something my skin hates, and has the magnificent 7 ingredients you can read all about on their website here.

But then … I fell in love with it after a few days of not wearing make up! I REPEAT NOT WEARING MAKE UP!! This is a big deal because normally when I don’t wear make up I get a sympathising look from a mum in the playground who tilts her head towards me and sympathetically says “are you ok?” or I have a reliable best mate who tells me when I look like shit!  For two of the three days last week I Didn’t Wear make up the only products I used are the two I’m blogging about and guess what …I looked alright. (The third day not so much I cried a lot so had red face puffy eyes…attractive!)

How Much £42.00
Where To Purchase www.Rajeunir.co.uk

I have also used both these products with clients in one to ones, consultations and photoshoots. It’s nice having products you can go straight to knowing that will meet most clients needs and everyone I used them on love the ease of products and the results.

Have you tried withering these products? Or maybe there is something else from Exuviance or Rejeunir you would recommend, I’d love to hear more in the comments below.


Monday Manicure #ShareACoke OPI CocaCola Red


Soooo today I received an amazeballs Birchbox I’m working on the blog for it but at £10 plus p&p this one is so jam packed I’m pretty sure it will sell out quite fast, you can get yours by subscribing here

Anyways I used the gorgeous and intense Coca-Cola Red from the OPI Coca-Cola Collection, this is limited edition (just like my bottle pictured) and so vivid, bright and glossy. I’m in ❤


As with all OPI polishes the pro-wide brush and perfect consistency ease application giving an even coverage in just two coats. I am a good girl so of course used base and top coat!

What do you think? What nails you rocking this Monday? Post your thoughts & share your links below, I’d love to see yours

A Bright Lip Balm on a Sunny Winters day

My lips suffer in the winter and what with the confusion my skin is currently going through, battling cold, winds and rain then a day like today that is warm and sunny! That’s why I was super pleased that in October’s Birchbox I got this gorgeous little number from Pixi a lip balm with cute packaging and colour whilst conditioning!


A kiss of colour perfect to brighten anyone’s day whilst the nourishing shea butter and protective vitamin E leave moisture locked in and colour on the lips for hours!

There are 6 shades to choose from I love the one I have in Ripe Raspberry for its burst of brightness but I really want to try the other two shades and loads more from the Pixi range now!


The October GlossyBox Sneak Peek


You all know I adore getting my GlossyBox through the door, well this month thanks to Antonia Maricondas Beauty Bloggers workshop I got it early! And this morning I have been having a play ..

Être Belle Cosmetics
This is one strange sensation it’s like having sugar on your lips from a doughnut and trying not to lick them. It almost feels like idealist micro-d exfoliator from Estée Lauder, like it warms on the lips in a similar way. Whilst strange to begin with, the after result is superb my lips feel silky and I keep rubbing them together where they are so smooth.


My lips aren’t something I really suffer too much with but even so the difference I think is clear in colour, lip line and the little dryness I did have eliminated, so I’m impressed.

The product says it delivers:
“Up to 54% more lip volume and smoothing wrinkles without injections.
Pure hyaluronic microspheres smooth quickly and effectively deep wrinkles around the lips and restructure the lip volume. The lip contour is replenished and redefined”
From my pics and how soft my lips are I would say its ticking all the boxes on an instant cosmetic basis, only thing I can’t find online or on packaging is how often to use, not sure if its too harsh daily maybe once or twice a week???

Nuxe Crème Fraîche de Beauté Mask
So I used this after jumping out the shower and left it on whilst I pottered getting bits for the day ahead ready.

On first application I’m not a lover of strong florals and I find the smell a little overwhelming and old smelling, but I soon adjust and enjoy the smoothness of application. I can feel my skin lapping this up and it is a far cry from the caked feeling of clay masks. It’s paraben free, with 90% natural ingredients including 8 plant milks, Aloe Vera Sap & salicornia (known for its antioxidant and whitening properties).

I’m not blown away but it’s a great product that i would recommend and a clear difference can be seen in my skin after its application.

Ciaté London Paint Pot in Talent Scout

I love the ease of application of this gorgeous purple shade, the brush makes it glide on easily and within two coats I have a gorgeous strong, rich and glossy colour. Very impressed with application and how quick it dries, I will keep you posted on its durability.

So Susan Flutter Mascara

I was all kinds of excited for this mascara as I love So Susan Blush, but as a mum I need a mascara that does it all thickens, blackens, lengthens, curls and lifts because if I’m in a rush I only apply 4 products and I expect them to all be make me look awake and ready to take on the world!

This mascara for my little lashes didn’t lengthen and curl enough, the colours rich and the brush is nice (although also coloured in my eyelids!) but it wasn’t ticking all my boxes. I did follow the directions of applying twice (ironically the second coats to lock in my curl) and I know I could curl my lashes but as above mummies need a multitasker not an extra job!

Rimmel London BB Cream Matt

Ok so what it says it does “The multi-tasking 9 in 1 perfecting make up cream” so I looked further into this 9 because to be perfectly honest I’m not that impressed. “Minimises the appearance of pores” yes it has done this “mattifies and controls shine all day.” No my nose is more shiny then my regular foundation and so far everything is what I use good primer for.
“Smoothes and soothes skin.” Could do but my skin is smooth and sothed after skincare anyway and again it feels the same smooth application of a primer.
“Conceals dark circles and helps prevent blemishes.” Haha I have some dark circles to beat my 8 month old baby is teething and night times are fun, but no I don’t feel my minor blemishes are covered enough and you can definitely see my bags! 😦

As for 9 in 1 couldn’t actually find the rest, I just got the quotes above from the descriptions on most shopping websites selling this product and I can only break it down to 7 at a push!

Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d’Amour l’eau de Parfum

I love the sample size bottle we have received of this lovely fragrance, I’m actually going to give it to my mum because it has my dads initial R on and my mum loves special little things like that. The scent itself a combination of romantic notes of Damascus Rose, Patchouli & GuaiacWood, it’s not to overbearing perfect for day to day wear, is distinctive and fresh.

So I got spoilt with a collectors edition Glossybox, 4 full size products worth a total of over £55 and two smaller testers too pretty awesome for £10 plus p+p a month, you can subscribe here to get delightful indulgent treats delivered to your door, monthly xoxo

September Shout Outs Businesses I ♥

Ok so I thought I would use September to shout out some of the amazing businesses I get to work alongside. I network so much with  fabulous businesses that have some awesome products, services and treatments I figured with my first Indulgence Event being hosted this month it was about time I started shouting about them!

Each day I will share a pic, links, some details and why I love them here in my blog in hope that you guys will love them too! There will be loads and such a great mixture of inspirational people and totally unique trades I can’t wait to share.


Tuesday Make Up FOTD

Afternoon, ok this summer holidays malarkey is seriously delaying me getting anything done! I currently have 5 kids in from our road playing with my eldest in our front room while the babu watches and I’m doing my make up haha!

Anyways the first thing I had to sort was my hair, like seriously looked like id stuck my fingers in a plug socket!!

This is how I’m looking before and after….


And this is what I used…
Foundation Dior Forever Foundation 200
Bronzer Arbonne Bronzing Powder
Blusher So Susan Universal Blush beautiful tones applied to the apples of my cheeks
Eye Primer Absolute New York still my fav!
Eyeliner Lord & Berry black stoll loving all over this today with the primer under neath I urge it out from the Eyeline to use as complete eye basex then reapplied really fine along lash line. I’m so excited to try more of their eyeliners they look amazing
Mascara Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara In black


Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish

So featured in Last week’s #Mondaymanicure I’m just about to take my Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish off and thought I’d give you a quick run down.


I’m bored of the colour after a week but I think it’s lasted amazingly; it may be gel effect but it is essential a nail polish for home use! I have been decorating that’s how I smudged the ring finger, I have been doing beauty treatments, tidied my house ready for the birthday party, entertained 14 kids at finleys 7th birthday, tidied up the house after the party and daily housework and cleaning plus running round like a nut most the time oh and a trip to the coast!

It’s chipped but I’m a pain in the arse nail picker (if you are one of my clients this does not mean I allow you to do that follow my aftercare advice!) Anyway this polish won’t pick my thumbs been chipped for 3 days and no matter how hard I sit a chip away at it, it won’t budge I’m impressed but also slightly frustrated at the same time haha!

The shine and depth of colour hasn’t lasted as much a simple would expect an actual gel polish too, but I could of topped up on top coat mid week if I had the time or wanted to rejuvenate the shine!

I have steered clear of nails inc for a while because I was really dissapointed with the overall performance a few years ago. Have you tried them lately what were your thoughts? I’m impressed and may have to book an appointment to go see what else they have on offer 💅


Week three FOTD Mondays Make Up

So sorry folks I skipped yesterday, if I’m honest after my big Lil dudes 7th birthday Saturday, I was left feeling like I’d been hit by a bus!!

Anyway start of week three and here it is today’s face looks like this


And used these
Foundation Dior Forever 200 extreme wear flawless make up, a friends saw my post raving on the sample o got so gave me this for having her nails done 🙂 I still love it!!
Bronzer Dior old Bronzer 030
Eyeshadows a peach coral from Dior with a mix of too faced shades lightly blended to outer corner
Eyeliner Lord & Berry 1001 kohl Eyeliner
Mascara Rimmel London The Max volume flash mascara
Lipstick Yves Rocher Sheer Botanical Lipstick Marron Glaze