The October GlossyBox Sneak Peek


You all know I adore getting my GlossyBox through the door, well this month thanks to Antonia Maricondas Beauty Bloggers workshop I got it early! And this morning I have been having a play ..

Être Belle Cosmetics
This is one strange sensation it’s like having sugar on your lips from a doughnut and trying not to lick them. It almost feels like idealist micro-d exfoliator from Estée Lauder, like it warms on the lips in a similar way. Whilst strange to begin with, the after result is superb my lips feel silky and I keep rubbing them together where they are so smooth.


My lips aren’t something I really suffer too much with but even so the difference I think is clear in colour, lip line and the little dryness I did have eliminated, so I’m impressed.

The product says it delivers:
“Up to 54% more lip volume and smoothing wrinkles without injections.
Pure hyaluronic microspheres smooth quickly and effectively deep wrinkles around the lips and restructure the lip volume. The lip contour is replenished and redefined”
From my pics and how soft my lips are I would say its ticking all the boxes on an instant cosmetic basis, only thing I can’t find online or on packaging is how often to use, not sure if its too harsh daily maybe once or twice a week???

Nuxe Crème Fraîche de Beauté Mask
So I used this after jumping out the shower and left it on whilst I pottered getting bits for the day ahead ready.

On first application I’m not a lover of strong florals and I find the smell a little overwhelming and old smelling, but I soon adjust and enjoy the smoothness of application. I can feel my skin lapping this up and it is a far cry from the caked feeling of clay masks. It’s paraben free, with 90% natural ingredients including 8 plant milks, Aloe Vera Sap & salicornia (known for its antioxidant and whitening properties).

I’m not blown away but it’s a great product that i would recommend and a clear difference can be seen in my skin after its application.

Ciaté London Paint Pot in Talent Scout

I love the ease of application of this gorgeous purple shade, the brush makes it glide on easily and within two coats I have a gorgeous strong, rich and glossy colour. Very impressed with application and how quick it dries, I will keep you posted on its durability.

So Susan Flutter Mascara

I was all kinds of excited for this mascara as I love So Susan Blush, but as a mum I need a mascara that does it all thickens, blackens, lengthens, curls and lifts because if I’m in a rush I only apply 4 products and I expect them to all be make me look awake and ready to take on the world!

This mascara for my little lashes didn’t lengthen and curl enough, the colours rich and the brush is nice (although also coloured in my eyelids!) but it wasn’t ticking all my boxes. I did follow the directions of applying twice (ironically the second coats to lock in my curl) and I know I could curl my lashes but as above mummies need a multitasker not an extra job!

Rimmel London BB Cream Matt

Ok so what it says it does “The multi-tasking 9 in 1 perfecting make up cream” so I looked further into this 9 because to be perfectly honest I’m not that impressed. “Minimises the appearance of pores” yes it has done this “mattifies and controls shine all day.” No my nose is more shiny then my regular foundation and so far everything is what I use good primer for.
“Smoothes and soothes skin.” Could do but my skin is smooth and sothed after skincare anyway and again it feels the same smooth application of a primer.
“Conceals dark circles and helps prevent blemishes.” Haha I have some dark circles to beat my 8 month old baby is teething and night times are fun, but no I don’t feel my minor blemishes are covered enough and you can definitely see my bags! 😦

As for 9 in 1 couldn’t actually find the rest, I just got the quotes above from the descriptions on most shopping websites selling this product and I can only break it down to 7 at a push!

Yves Rocher Quelques Notes d’Amour l’eau de Parfum

I love the sample size bottle we have received of this lovely fragrance, I’m actually going to give it to my mum because it has my dads initial R on and my mum loves special little things like that. The scent itself a combination of romantic notes of Damascus Rose, Patchouli & GuaiacWood, it’s not to overbearing perfect for day to day wear, is distinctive and fresh.

So I got spoilt with a collectors edition Glossybox, 4 full size products worth a total of over £55 and two smaller testers too pretty awesome for £10 plus p+p a month, you can subscribe here to get delightful indulgent treats delivered to your door, monthly xoxo


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