Day 3 September Shout Outs Delicious Scrumptious… The Chocolate Angel

Andrea is another trader who has been so supportive of both sides of Sweet Cheeks, both the beauty and the events but more importantly me! Another trader who has become a friend, whose daughter I treat like a little sister giving her lectures and buying her ice cream when she comes in for her nails lol and someone who understands and like me treats business personally because we are the business! (in both ways hehe)

We last worked together at my Sweet Cheeks Relaunch Birthday event in June and The Chocolate Angel sponsored my goody bags check what came in the VIP ones….


Andrea was also my easter bunny delivering chocolate lego for my eldest to enjoy in all different colours…


Annndddd she made his smash cake for his birthday last month, it was AWESOME….


It really doesn’t matter what the occasion there is something to suit everyone, whether it’s a chocolate covered oreo, a chocolate slab or some delicious chocolate truffles (my other half loves the chocolate orange slabs, my parents love the truffles, I love the lollies and finley well he lives all of it!!)


Andrea attends local markets, some events and also makes and delivers her gorgeous Belgian chocolate delights through her website. So here are all the links you need to check The Chocolate Angel out…


You can also catch her and this upcoming event I’m hosting, click on the link and be sure to check it out xoxo



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