Day 2 September Shout Outs for Stylish Fashionistas For Girlys

For Girlys is a gorgeous boutique that has been in Gravesend for years, I remember going in as a teen and paying off Miss sixty jeans weekly and always lusting after soooo much on the rails.


Not a lot has changed now, even after a relocation to a more central location in the town centre Traceys shop is still filled with so many of those “I want it” items. She has also been a huge supporter of all my events, always proving hugely popular and over the years she has also become someone I can call a friend!


My other half jokes that the rail she brings along to events is a Stef rail knowing that I’ll buy at the very least one item but probably want all of it!

The reality is getting to see the stock is hard, it changes quickly as items are always limited in numbers and Tracey is old school. So you can either pop into the shop
FOR GIRLY’S 19 Stone Street, Gravesend, Kent

Log on and like For Girlys on Facebook

Or come along to this event to see their stuff and tons of other traders I’ll be shouting about throughout September


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