Face of the Day Friday

Day 5 of me doing face of the day and the product list is long…

Prep Products
Eye Care HD Brows Eye Smoothing Serum & Arbonne Calm Soothing Gel
Lip Care Dr Lipp original nipple balm for lips = new fav!!
Face Primer MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base loving the thickness and texture of this primer that disappears to create a smooth even skintone
Eye Primer Absolute New York
Hair Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle this has UV protection so needed on sunny days like today


Make Up Products
Foundation Dior Forever Foundation 020 – was going to use my normal foundation then remembered this sachet is still going! Love it light, glides on silky smooth!
Concealer Arbonne Light concealer just enough coverage without being to thick and creasing under my eyes and helps hiding the bags!!
Bronzer Arbonne just because first one I came to again although was a lot harder to blend compared to others I’d used this week where as I find when used with the Arbonne foundation it works better alongside the optilight technology.
Eye Shadow I used MAC beaded on my whole eye then Bronzer to create a defined effect along the fold of the eyelid and finished with MAC blackberry on the very outer corners. Just something neutral and easy to go with the bright lips!
Eyeliner Eyeko London Skinny mini in black, love love love this it’s like applying Eyeliner using a fine felt tip pen so easy just glides across the lash line
Mascara Laura Mércier Long Lash
Brows HD Brows Professional Palette
Lipliner NYX Plush Red
Lipstick Bella Pierre Ruby Lipstick, OMG this smooth suturing lipstick is the most perfect shade of pillar box reds with tones that make me feel confident and bubbly this lasts ages as well, 6 hours in fact before I realised I needed a refresher, recieved in my July GlossyBox would highly recommend and my fruwnd Christie who I referred is going to let me try her orange one woop woop!


Perfume Vera Wang Princess I chose this for a number of reasons, it’s Friday and it’s one of my favourites, the waterlily, apple and mandarin make it a perfect light fresh summer fragrance and finally despite the fact I’m 28 my mum and dad still call me princess 👸

Thoughts? What’s your face of the day? Do you share it if so please share your link I’d love to see others

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