Monday Manicure Red OPI by Gwen Stefani

Not gonna lie,  I love Gwen a little bit too much, I think she is amazeballs in all that she does and she is an extreme chick with style, plus she spells her surname how I spell my first name although mines said like the average stephanie not stef-arnie!

Anyways I diverse it’s Monday (I still have just over an hour left of Monday!) I have to manicure my nails today I chose this amazing box set including the red Over and Over A-Gwen by OPI created by Gwen Stefani it’s awesome!
It’s a strong red and the nail art all be it fiddly is edgy and gets people being creative with their own nails. I think this is worth every penny and would recommend over and over a-gwen. Haha ♥


Check it out tell me what you think by liking and commenting below xoxo


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