Looking After Hair After Pregnancy & Birth

Ok so my second son is approaching 6 months old and already the hair is falling out thick and fast, last night what I pulled from the plughole resembled a small rat! I don’t know if this is normal for all mums but I know a few who have suffered with it. None the less it is much better than the first time round 6 years ago I remember sobbing thinking I was going bald.

I think it’s better this time thanks to how I am caring for my hair, whilst I’m always randomly trying new testers and samples sent to me, the two key products I can’t live without are my
shampoo and my hair oil. Both from the Revlon Uniq One brand. What these products promise (10 real benefits with each) I have noted personally, they hand down deliver. I’m not sponsored or endorsed I pay trade price for this product but that’s because of being a beauty professional so I do just rate and recommend it!


The shampoo (stolen daily by the men in my life) is lovely, it’s foams up and leaves hair feeling truly cleansed after just one shampoo, with a texture completely different to conventional shampoos. Does not affect the scalps natural layer of protection because it respects the pH of the skin.
Here are the benefits
1. Washes thoroughly and gently
Agreed hair feels deeply cleansed after
2. Protects & Moisturises Scalp
Has stopped my scalp from flaking and itching
3. Maximum Silkness & Smoothness
My hair is really soft especially when combined with oil weekly
4. Does not weigh hair down
My hair is fine and light but my style isn’t dropping out as quickly
5. Boosts shine
My colour and highlights seem brighter especially in the summer sun
6. Frizz Control
Don’t really suffer but am noticing smaller hairs not as fly away
7. Hair easy to manage & control
Agreed but in fairness it is always like this it’s fine and poker straight
8. Strengthens Hair
My hair isn’t falling out as quickly as the first time round
9. Reduces hair breakage
As above number 8
10. Prevents split ends
A lot less split ends in between trims at Jaxx (you can buy this from them)

Not gonna lie I originally only brought this second product cos I’m a sucker for anything coconut, like really bad, I think it’s the smell of sunshine and summer and it makes me happy (an extra benefit not counted on the packaging)
The benefits of this include:
1. Repair for dry & damaged hair ☑
2. Shine & frizz control ☑
3. Heat protection ☑
4. Silkiness & smoothness ☑
5. Hair color protection / with uva & uvb filters ☑ with an added woopwoop
6. Easier brushing & ironing ☑
7. Incredible detangling ☑
8. Long-lasting hairstyle ☑
9. Split ends prevention ☑
10. Adds body ☑  it’s also easier to define and create awesomeness with the added body

So have you tried it what do you think? Would you recommend or perhaps like to try? Please as always like and comment below always fab to know your out there


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