Kinda Girly Girl with a stupid crazy love for FMX & Red Bull X-Fighters

Ok so everyone always thinks I’m a girly girl, when I had my second son everyone thought I would be dissapointed I didn’t get a pink one. I wasn’t. For two reasons firstly I’m a girl who was a super bitch teenager – no mother wants that and it would be my karma, secondly the only things really girly about me are my job and my wardrobe (plus I’m shit hot at multi tasking and shopping)

Anyway one of the things I have fallen in love with watching through my boys is motocross and particularly freestyle motocross.  I’m really lucky when it was over here in London I got to write for Red Bull & Kiss 100 and tonight watching it live on Red Bull TV as the riders rode over water (you read that right, water!) I was a sulking cos I really wanted to be there, so instead I’ve had the urge to write and share everything that was amazing about Red Bull X-Fighters in Munich Germany tonight.


From Superkicks, striper flips, double back flips and california rolls combined that with old school turntables and whips varied with one handed take offs, side landings no handers and on the edge of your seat entertainment, a hyped crowd of in the sunshine watching 250 and 450 engines tear up a freestyle track on fucking water and you have the most immense event that was Red Bull X Fighters Munich 2014. It was epic I streamed it live on Red Bull TV and kept going back to rewatch again and again.
I love everything about this sport, the riders put there all in, they bring it, every round is a true battle of showmanship and crazy dudes riding knarly tricks pumped on adrenaline.


Every riders run closer to the final just got better and better but the winner Sheean brang it in every round, despite getting through when Thomas Pages had a moody crash doing a flare, bent his bike bad, kicked it and rode out of the competition waving to a still very hyped and supportive crowd. Sheean said he was “ready for action”  his final winning run proved that starting small with a seat grab moving into an inidan air side saddle lander, cat nack indie flatline, Big kiss of death, double backflip executed perefectly a nice flare and a confident one hand fist pump across the water before a final combo, dropping his bike and hyping the crowd.


He won against 11 other of the world’s most awesome riders, Higashinos runs all the way through with california rolls and varials was outstanding and his final run is a must see but Sheean just had the edge with the double backflip.

Seeing the three finalist celebrate together after was as much fun to watch, I remember being in London after the winners were announced (twice!) I remember feeling the buzz of the riders in the press release after, feeling the excitement that did it’s epic and the commradery shown between riders behind the scenes is pretty cool too! (I also remember being well annoyed with the journos just there with no passion for the sport just wanting free red bull, they suck donkey dick and should bore off and let people write who are passionate about it!)


The finals next, in a South Africa will be streamed live on Red Bull TV and I’ll blog about it here on Totally Sweet Cheeks. And it’s sure to be fucking amazing as the winners spot for 2014 is still an open race ahhh exciting!!

Sorry normal blogging will now resume


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