Birchbox May I Don’t Normally Like Going Nude

Hahaha…. Thought that might catch your attention of course I mean I prefer to wear brights or reds on my nails, but was pleasantly surprised by how pretty and subtle this gorgeous polish from Soigne was on my almond nails.


Don’t get me wrong it wouldn’t be my first choice from this gorgeous collection but it’s perfect for wedding nails, a beautiful french or just if going nude is your thing.

To start with the packaging is luxury & special, it is something so many nail brands skimp on nowadays but to unpack a polish was lovely for me and I think this also gives them a huge added benefit as a gift. (My friends love polishes but omg they are so bloody awkward to wrap!) 


The polish goes on lovely, the bottle is easy to hold and the brush spreads evenly across the nail I think the only thing you can’t do is rush I’m used to be able to put my polish on in a hurry as I have to change it so regularly with this I had to wait a bit longer between the two coats applied (I did attempt it earlier and ended up dragging first layer)


The results are a nice even colour with an almost pearlescent shine, the colour I received was Creme au Beurre. Some other plus points that should be noted with this polish are that it’s non toxic, free from formaldehyde, toluene amd camphor.

This item is a pretty awesome item to receive in my Birchbox I pay £10 a month for my subscription (+p&p) and I received this which retails at £11 plus another amazing 5 items, a special offer and mini mag take a peek here.

You can subscribe here too if you wanted, check out more product reviews for Mays box and let me know what you think, have you tried Soigne polishes already? What did you love or loathe and whats your favourite shade?



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