Monday Motivation on Tuesday. Why I’m inspired by this extreme 6 year old!

Morning so I missed Monday motivation yesterday my 8 week old got chicken pox and kind of needed me a little bit more, his ok and like his older brother just a few weeks ago has so far remained happy and smiling through the spots.
Finley (my 6 year old) is on school hols at mo, I’m going to share with you why he is my Monday motivation story.

My little boy Finley is adorable, polite, funny and extremely energetic. He doesn’t excel in curricular activities but he has a passion for trying and he will try his hardest and that’s where I have so much admiration for him, he also has a passion for extreme sports.

His grown up around motocross, bmx, skateboards and freestyle. He was in DirtBikeRider Magazine at just a couple of months old. He watches extreme sports channel as much as he does kids tv. He thinks Chris Birch, one of the top uk freestyle motocross riders is his friend because he talks to him every time he sees him at local demonstrations. He asked for a wheelchair after talking to wheelz and watching him backflip at the Nitro Circus Show in London. He done a school assembly on Travis Pastrana as a person he admires. I think you kinda get his love and passion. His currently telling everyone and riding high on the fact that Twitch retweeted a picture of him out the woods, yesterday. He watches twitch loads on YouTube and wants to be just like him, he thinks his twitch etnies make him daring and extra cool doing jumps!

He currently doesn’t have a mx bike because he bent it going to fast over jumps (despite being told not too!) so his been concentrating on bmx. He spent the last two days out the woods with his gorgeous dad digging and building jumps, riding them too. His really pushing himself, yesterday he came back with a groin injury from handlebars, a shin injury from pedals and a busted lip where the one tooth he has got went through it! But the motivation he had didn’t deter him, don’t get me wrong the bottom lip dropped, but he couldn’t wait to tell me the ways he had succeeded and the jumps he had ridden.

He also asked his dad to take his friend out there, that’s one amazing thing extreme sports have taught him the importance of a team, a crew, a family. His already said his crew will include all extreme sports not just bikes, he wants to include all his friends, his currently working on his first video!


So I have waffled on and on, and on some more but in just 2 days I realised so much my 6 year old does inspires me:
• A Passion for trying
• A Passion to succeed (whilst loving his hugely competitive!!)
• A belief that no one is too big or too celebrity to be his friend, he sees everyone as a person and a friend no limits.
• Motivation, Determination and Belief make him get up after every fall.
• Sharing all that excites him and that he loves with others makes him even happier.
• his advice to anyone starting is “practise, get a crew, stay healthy” …. Even a 6 year old knows u have to look after no.1 to inspire, motivate and support others

So go enjoy your week like a 6 year old, be passionate in your beliefs, have fun, smile, share it with people who matter, reach out to someone you admire, and most importantly get back up with a smile from each little trip or hiccup!



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