Sweet Cheeks Beauty 3 Step SkinCare Routine

As a beauty therapist during the consultation process of a facial treatment, I gain an insight into my clients beauty products, habits and daily routine. I’m not going to lie whilst most are pretty good and some exceptional in the way they care for their skin, it surprises me how many use anything available or don’t have a routine at all!

So to conquer the anything part I wrote the blog Assesing your Skin Care Needs and after finding the right products you need a routine. It doesn’t have to be long. As a mum of two with school runs, nappy changes and family fun, plus the demands of running a business plus writing as much as I can’t twice a day I squeeze in 3 easy steps that take 5 minutes.


This doesn’t mean you should leave out other Skincare essentials, once a week you should exfoliate to renew skin, remove any flakes and revive skintone, plus a mask addressing your main skin concern whether that be dryness, excess oil or ageing to see more targeted results.

What products do you use? Do you have a routine? How long does it take you? I use a cleanser and toner in one to save me a bit of time, I’d love to read your comments below.

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