Top Ten Foods For Your Skin

Getting skin summer ready can be tough but we all know it starts from the inside so as well as drinking plenty of water here are the top 10 foods you can nourish yourself with to prepare for the summer sunshine (don’t forget your SPF!)

1. Blueberries. Packed full of anti-oxidants that work to neutralise free radicals linked to ageing & age related disease.
2. Bananas for healthy skin and hair from vitamin B6
3. Citrus Fruits, like oranges, lemons, kiwi & grapefruit. Vitamin C keeps skin smooth & tight by helping build collagen.
4. Apples. Turns out am apple a day can be beneficial to us, packed full of ant oxidants & vitamin c (one apple provides a quarter of your daily vitamin c requirement) for healthy skin & gums.
5. Spinach & Leafy Greens. These are full of vitamins, iron & omega 4 fatty acids that hydrate & protect skin
6. Sweet Potatoes. Rich in the anti-oxidant beta carotene, they have protective qualities that help defend against sun damage.
7. Broccoli. Love them or hate them just 2 “trees” are a rich source of calcium & vitamin c with a long list of health benefits to your skin and body.
8. Salmon. One of the highest concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids, nourishing skin, reducing inflammation & decreasing clogged pores.
9. Hemp Seeds, almonds, walnuts & flax seeds. Protect from sun damage, keep skin moisturised & soft, nourish with nuts & seeds that contain Vitamin E & rich in omega 3’s.

I had to finish with something indulgent ….
10. Chocolate. Dark Chocolate to be precise, it’s full of anti oxidants that help rid your body if free radicals that are linked to the ageing process. You can read more benefits of eating 3-4 squares a day here.

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