Gratitude For A Good Day!

You know when you have a good day and you just want to shout about it from the rooftops that’s me today I just feel truly grateful for the day I have had and all I have accomplished.

I pretty much turned into superwoman, if i do say so myself i got the whole house clean & spotless except for the bedrooms which I’m going to conquer tomorrow, i even got to the bottom of the wash basket its been ages since i done that!

I hosted my first live #BeautyQ chat over on Twitter and had people taking part, sounds strange but I was nervous about a twitter chat, like an event … What if no one shows up? On that note some shameless plugging its every Tuesday 1.30-3pm (gmt) come be present, ask me beauty, make-up & nail questions using #BeautyQ

I got chatting with loads of fab businesses in tonight’s #kenthour on twitter that was also a first and fabulous!

As well as wearing my mummy hat conquering dinner, homework and we started The Twits which means more crazy voices and characters to play for i love it!!

Blessed to also have got to have tea & cake with my mum & dad, although dont know how Finley managed to worm 3 pieces of cake!!

And feel proud if myself that i have been doing all the above whilst having Braxton hicks happening few times more today! The hospital told me yesterday it could now go to the 26th but its due this Friday so we shall see ❤

Hope you all had an amazing day, if not i hope you can make tomorrow a better one.


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