Monday Motivation apparently we should all be Blue!

Apparently we are into our second blue Monday of the year ALREADY!

Like the media doesn’t already fill us with enough doom and gloom did we really need to wake up this morning preparing ourselves to feel blue when the possibilities of the day haven’t even unfolded! Why is it blue??

Granted I’m 3/4 of the way into the month and can’t wait for pay day, and this morning I had to de-ice the inside of my widescreen (seriously!), and a mess up on the accountants side meant me spending the morning doing figures and paperwork. So What?? We still have yummy food on our plates everyday, I have a de-icer tool thingy so my hands don’t get cold and I don’t break anymore cd cases, plus finley found it hilarious that i was making it “snow” in the car and on the plus side of the accounts I got to drink hot chocolate on the sofa.

My point is, it is what we make it. Some days I would of woke up at today’s events and cried like a baby because some days that’s just easier but the reality is we decided if we are blue or not and we decide how we accept each daily challenge thrown at us and I try my best to face them in the happiest way possible, after all only I decide how I want to feel.


With special thanks to my wonderful upline in Arbonne & my friend Pamela Ibanez for sharing this picture, she always finds our team the perfect motivation to share and she has an awe about her that just gives off incredible positivity, she really does ROCK!

So Smile, take 5 and reconnect, it’s only blue Monday if we let it happen 😉



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