Monday Morning Motivation for a Busy Day


Ok so today is a bit if a hectic one for me, school run (must remember Finley has a pyjama day at school) then straight off to a meeting with a business buddy at bluewater, where I may try and squidge in a little Christmas shopping (I still have soooo much to do) before a midwife appointment at The hospital to check the little bambino in my belly is doing as it should be and all ok! (Jut under 9 weeks to go!)
Then home for some lunch followed by some major housework catch up after another wonderful weekend, before getting on with some Christmas wrapping whilst watching motivational webinars, that will hopefully kick me up the bum to book a venue for some talks I’m planning next year and updating the appointments available up until Christmas.

My to do lot is much longer but think this will do for today and now I have told you all you can all hold me accountable so ill be back later to update with photos!

What are your top priorities on your to do list for today or this week?
Share them below i would love to hear them and ill check up on you too just to make sure you are going out and kicking ass!



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