Fake Cosmetics People Finally Realise!

A few of my friends shared this fabulous article The toxic trade in fake make-up: How counterfeit cosmetics containing dangerous levels of arsenic are being sold online to unsuspecting bargain hunters on Facebook, its written fabulously for The Daily Mail by Charlotte Kemp and is something I have been harping on about for ages!

I go into a rage when I see the products at markets but even more so when I see people actually buying them, the age old saying “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is springs to mind”

Also as a beauty therapist I know that products contained within a lot of legit brands are bad for your skin and so couldn’t bare to imagine the non tested ingredients included in these fakes, like the eyeliner containing 46 times the allowed quantity of copper!! But it’s not just online and at markets. Have you been offered a make up party at home? with the usual promising speel of “it’s not fake my mate works for {insert department store} and its just off the back of a lorry” they are probably telling a few white lies to get those sales and sell these delightful fakes to your friends and family.

Did you know if they are an insured therapist doing this not only can the usual trading standards laws come into play but they are also at risk of invalidating their insurance as a therapist as well as more serious legal proceedings because of the duty of responsibility that comes from being a certified therapist when we undertake our exams and gain our qualifications. Another article from The Daily Mail shows how Leanne Wertheim used four separate eBay accounts to sell £40,000 worth of fake products – including copies of Max Factor and Bobbi Brown – to unsuspecting customers and was sentenced for it! It also shows it not just high end brands but more high street brands like Max Factor too!

The worrying thing is I contacted some of the large scale companies that i had seen snides of last year, as a concerned therapist and wanting to educate my clients. The sad truth is they didn’t really care, which amazes me as not only is it the risk it runs to customers but to their business too for many reasons
a) because everyone is cutting back so will go for the cheap over the real retail
b) if they buy the fake and it causes. them to react they could think its a brand they can no longer use effecting the £ coming in and the word of mouth referrals.
c) the quality is poorer and no where near that of the actual brands again lowering people’s views of them.

So what companies should you watch out for?
I personally have seen MAC brushes & cosmetics, Bobbi Brown Brushes, Chanel blushers & eyeshadow palettes, Benefit mascaras & blusher cosmetics, Bare Minerals foundations & OPI, Essie, nail polishes & OPI, artistic gloss & gelish Gel polishes. Don’t even get me started on perfumes!

I have a special video blog I’m putting together right now on OPI nail polishes, as this is something I retail and want people to see the difference! I will post the link here as soon as I have completed and uploaded supporting pics from the camera.

For now here are some tips for being alert for fakes;

Know your brands, be familiar with the brands if you are buying them go to a counter ask questions get expert advice.
Don’t buy cosmetics from eBay unfortunately there are just no guarantees what you are purchasing is real as most the companies don’t certify auction sales through retail clients.
Use your phone; there are two ways first google it’s full of information and images at your fingertips to show you exactly how real products look. Secondly Bar Code scanner I got this tip from The Indian Beauty Blog on spotting fake cosmetics and what Ritu says is true if they are a fake product they probably have a fake bar code and an app like —- could be the key to identify a fake quickly.
Use Your Savvy, Your Common Sense! Remember if it sounds to good to be true, if the discounts are ridiculous, or if its a large range of the brands listed above STEER CLEAR unless purchasing from a certified retailer (normally listed on brand websites)






So have you unsuspectingly purchased fake cosmetics? What brands have you seen “knocked off”? Comment and share below! I want to work on making people as aware of the dangers as I can.


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