We got past Hump Day … It’s Nearly the Weekend

I’m laying in bed writing again, the baby is doing somersaults in my belly, Finley got in our bed in the middle of the night because of monsters and dans got up and gone to work with the hump because of lack of sleep needless to say I’m not in the good books, but there is no point in dwelling on that now and I haven’t hit time to be tired!

I have a busy day ahead Finley has been asking for 2 weeks to go to breakfast club at school (because he gets 3 breakfasts!) and I have a networking breakfast this morning with some really inspiring women in business in my town, ill be sure to think of a way to share them all with you lot on here in the future.

Followed by clearing the front room, dining room ready for new carpets tomorrow then an afternoon and evening in the beauty room pampering clients.

I found this inspirational quote through The Flip Flop CEO page on Facebook, I just loved it and couldn’t wait until Monday to share the motivation I get from this.


P.S Happy Thanksgiving I’m not American but think the concept of ThanksGiving is just amazing and wonderful so I’m going to be writing a massive gratitude list to share with you beautiful people later

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